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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Rum & Coke

I've been killing myself since Thursday of last week getting sites and other things back up and running to attempt to get my business going again. I spoke with an attorney yesterday about suing the pants off the S-O-B who's responsible for these problems, but the initial suit would run around $2,000. Basically, since Brad-the-Fucker is in Wisconsin, I'd have to have my attorney hire a local attorney there to do the case.

I was thinking about it and priced some tickets. I could get round trip airfare (assuming TSA will allow me on a plane, bein' as I'm such an "insurgent") and a new Louisville Slugger for around $650. Luckily, Appleton's Estate rum is only $15/bottle here in Utah, land of freedom's illusion. So I can blow off some steam with alcohol and this rant; instead of on an assault and battery charge and possible attempted murder. I promise I'd go down swingin'.... :)

That brings me to a new subject: liquor in Utah. In our supposedly free society, I have to drive to a state-owned and operated liquor store, purchase alcohol at something like a 200% markup/tax, and then there are all these rules about when, where, and how I can drink it. All of this, of course, is "for the children" or some other bullshit reason. I find it hilarious that, in this state, they love taxing the hell out of "sins" like liquor and smokes, but as soon as anyone says anything about requiring payment for anything even remotely religious, they're "Mormon bashing." I can't wait to get out of this socialist quagmire of a state.

"Vote Republican, baaaaaaa." Be good little sheep.

Which brings us back to our central theme: freedom. I ain't free and am continually amazed at how many of those around me are apalled at my statements to the effect. "At least we're not in [insert tyrannical government city location here]," is always the reply. Yeah, well, too bad we're not in America either, dimwits.

Those who fought our original Revolution did so based on several criteria, including:
  • A big 3-8% tax rate...compared to our current 40-50%...

  • The attempted removal of arms and ammunition from PUBLIC armories...versus our current 30,000+ gun laws prohibiting PRIVATE ownership of same...

  • The attempted removal of localized governance in favor of Kings Rule (i.e. centralized "thousands of miles away from here" government)...versus our current FEDERALIZED government; away from local areas...

  • The perception of taxation without representation (per above points)...versus our current system of "prove yourself innocent of it and we'll stop stealing your assets and possibly give you some of them back"

I could go on for a while, but I'm just getting pissed off. I'm not drunk enough to be pissed off in a wholesome way yet.

Anyway...I updated some of the links on the site's link page (see button to left) if you're interested. My friend Fran has started his own blog, which is listed there among other stuff.

Well, that's enough of that shit. I'll rant more later.

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