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Monday, May 24, 2004

Some Thoughts on Concealed Carry

by L. Neil Smith

Except for maybe 10 days total, when I was in the hospital or had flown to some benighted locale by airliner, I've carried a loaded pistol or revolver on my person every day of my life since 1967.

Time has taught me that there are five elements involved in the art of weapons concealment: size and shape of the toter, his or her choice of weapon, of holster, of clothing, and of attitude. Naturally, of the five, attitude is more important than the other four.

Regrettably, there isn't a lot I can say about it that's likely to help. If you know -- or can learn -- how to walk past a parked police car or a beat cop on the street without getting the jim-jams, you'll be fine. One key, it seems to me, is to know in your heart of hearts that you're right and they're wrong. The Second Amendment means what we've always said it does. Even if it didn't, the inherent moral right of every individual to own and carry weapons supersedes every other law Man has ever manufactured or discovered.

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