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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Team America: World Police

I finally rented a copy of this newly-released DVD to watch. Several people were amazed I didn't see this in the theater. Excuse me for having a life. :)

Anyway, the movie was about what I'd expected. The makers of the film are the makers of the South Park television series, so I expected a lot of base humor and gratuitous sexual references. I also expected some fairly conservative/liberatarian commentary and themes in the movie.

I was rewarded with all of this!

While I wouldn't post this movie up there as a great, world-changing, philosophical event, I would recommend that those who are not easily offended...actually, more like those who don't get offended at ANYTHING... see this flick. The underlying theme ("world police" says it all) is awesome and, if you're a bit of a freak, the 5-6 minute porno-like sex scene between two puppets (the shows stars puppets, you know), and the continual sexual references and stupid cliches will make you laugh.

The "ragheads" (terrorists) in the movie have only four Arabic words to use, "jihad" and "mohammed" chiefest among them. The heroes, of course, not only are beautiful and "edgy" (required of all heroes in today's movies, you know), but they have "issues" and "feelings" to deal with too. All, of course, in a campy way.

The political commentary is awesome, but will probably fly over the heads of most people. They'll find things funny, but will probably miss the whole point.

I wouldn't recommend that you sell the farm, get a speeding ticket, or otherwise go out of your way to see this movie, but if you're in Hollywood Video or somewhere and see it in your might be worth a look-see.

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