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Friday, August 26, 2005

More Fascist Concert Stopping

So the nightly news here locally talks about yet ANOTHER concert the police stopped (this time in Bountiful, Utah) in the name of fascist control.

This concert was put on by a guitar teacher and his students in a public park at an ampitheater using the park's power source (for the guitar amplifiers and speakers), and with approved permits from the City of Bountiful.

The cops, of course, were undeterred by this. It appears that the concert organizers did not visit the County authorities where a further permit for "amplified music" was required...

Let's see...

The people putting on the concert were not charging money for it and those participating were not being paid to be there. The crowd was mostly well-wishers and family of those participating. The concert was during the daylight hours. The music was family-friendly.

The only reason the event even got on the news was because someone shot home video of the whole police action against the concert itself. This showed that the police, who claimed they did not know that the organizers had a permit and did not hear anyone say that the concert only had one song to go, were lying. The man in charge of the concert is heard repeatedly saying to the police officers present that they had permits from Bountiful City and it was stated by more than one person over the AMPLIFIED LOUDSPEAKERS that they had only one song left, would the crowd ask the police officers to allow one last song to be played.

Watch the newscast of this story here:

Fascists in action!

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