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Monday, January 23, 2006

Only Non-Whites Can Be Non-PC

I find it amazingly hilarious (in a sad way) how "politically correct" and "proper behavior" only applies to "accepted" improper behaviors... I mean, really, does the Freedom of Speech and Expression only apply to those who are part of an accepted "counter-culture?" Just because it's not "acceptably incorrect," doesn't mean it's not viable! All freedoms have a good and bad side: if you plan to have freedom, then you also have to be prepared to suffer the consequences (in the case of freedom of speech, that means you may sometimes get offended). That's just how freedom works. Sorry, freedom doesn't function with a "safety net."

Now high school reunions must be politically correct, too...
by April Gaede

Below you'll find the text of an email from the coordinators of my high
school class's 20th reunion and my reply. They basically warn me to stay
'PC' if I am to attend their little function. I thought that readers would
be entertained by my response. By the way, this gal is a high school teacher
now -- and misspelled the word "supremacist." She probably wonders why I
home school my children.

Hi April: I am attaching the flyer that we sent out. Don't worry about the
extra money, just send the $40 per person if you plan on attending. We will
need all money mailed to Lisa by September 24 because we need a final count
and payment to the caterer (since it's so late, if you are coming, please
call or email us so we can count you in). Also, if you could email me a
picture of your family and some information about you and your family, that
would be great and I'll include it on the CD about our class. April, I'm not
sure how to say this, so I am just going to say it. We would love for you to
come to the reunion, but are a little concerned that you might bring some of
your "white supremist (sp?)" agenda with you. If you remember, the majority
of our class is not white, and I have heard some concerns. People have read
newspaper articles and comments, etc. that you have written. Please don't
take offense at this, I just want this to be a nice, peaceful get-together
for all of our 1984 graduates - including you!!! Toni


You know, I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that you and your Reedley
clique would have the nerve to basically deny my freedom of speech for the
right to attend your little event.

I am pretty sure that if I was a member of NAACP, MECHA, La Raza, or NAMBLA
you wouldn't have said a word. I bet that if I had shown up with a lesbian
lover you wouldn't have dared to mention that it offended anyone, though I
am pretty sure that it would have.

But since I am a White person who is concerned about the future of her race
you have slammed me with the label "White supremacist" which is something
that I have never claimed. I am a White nationalist, by the way. I am an
activist working toward the interests of those of European descent, just
like Jesse Jackson works for the Blacks and Chavez worked for the Mexicans.

Would you have asked a person who was a minister or rabbi to not mention
their religious "agenda"? I highly doubt it. As you know, when you have
strong beliefs you carry them with you and they are incorporated into
everything you do. Does that mean that you cannot function socially around
those that differ from you or who disagree with you? NO, and you should
realize that I function in a multiracial society every day, so why wouldn't
I be able to function at the reunion? I survived four years in a mostly
non-White high school ...remember?

I always thought that a high school reunion was a chance for people to get
together after many years, talk and mingle and basically see what everyone
was now doing and how their lives had turned out. I can imagine that if a
person became politically active they might be able to talk about their
activism or politics. Are you limiting the conversation to the weather and
sports? Have you informed anyone else as to what is "off limits" at your

I know that you were the one to have the nasty job to write to me Toni, and
I don't hold it against you personally. I face people like you every day who
don't realize that they are not only being a lemming and doing what they
have been told by the government and media, but are treating me and other
White nationalists with a racial double standard that denies our rights to
free speech. Instead of listening to the facts and the legitimate questions
that we pose, you immediately call us names.

Did you expect me to show up wearing a white sheet or an armband?? How much
do you really know about the organization that I represent? (See

The truth is that I would have come looking like any other middle-aged woman
who just had a baby, slightly chubby and very happy. And if anyone had asked
me about my activism I would have answered their questions to the best of my
ability. Would I have backed down from anyone who wanted to attack me for
what I do? Of course not.

Please make sure that you forward this to all the other members of your PC
reunion squad with the knowledge that I honestly do hope that you all have a
great time at the reunion. I know that you really didn't understand how
wrong you were to send me that email.

Got comments? Email me, dammit!
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