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Sunday, April 30, 2006


OK, I'm a lazy (or at least highly distracted) cuss. I haven't done much for the site in a while and definitely have not posted anything of my own, original writing in a long time.

I enjoy writing and have for as long as I can remember. Many people have even told me that I'm pretty good at it. I mainly attribute this to my type speed, which, at 80wpm, is about the same as my talking speed. Plus I can self-edit on a limited basis while composing on-screen. Just now I changed "teh" to "the" in that earlier sentence there...

Anyway, one of my favorite things to read on the 'Net are the postings by Fred over at His latest ( is particularly intriguing.

Fred has a way of cutting to the chase in an entertaining fashion and this post is no different. The subject matter, though, is to me very interesting and at the core of what plagues European man - especially American men.

In South America, for instance, a man is expected to have a certain amount of machismo (manliness), or he is not a man. This is also true of Africans and most other non-European and especially "third world" parts of the world.

Of course, the argument that we must evolve as we become more civilized can be made. I think this is true to some extent, but not in the way we are currently...uhh...evolving.

I believe that George Carlin (another of my favorite social commentators) pointed out that, physically, we're all females in the womb until a few key changes and "certain parts are added" (as he put it).

This is interesting to note, since once we're out of the womb today's western society attempts to remove as much of those parts as possible.

I see it everywhere I go: boys who reject "male sports" (like football) in favor of more feminine pursuits like $200 jeans and $50 gold earrings... Hell, our current President was a fucking cheerleader. Now all of his effort seems to be put towards "strutting his stuff" and making sure the world knows how big his cock is. What else do you need as proof??

Anyway, this feminization has (as an example) made a stigma of firearms, since they are a uniquely male tool historically. Funny, since a gun in a woman's hand can be just as skillfully employed as the same gun in a man's hands can be. In fact, shooting sports are possibly the rarest of the truly sexually equal competitions available. The physical attributes of the athlete (size, strength, stamina, etc.) are less important than the mental conditioning and simple muscle repetition (practice) are. A 6-foot-five-inch, three hundred pound man has no innate physical advantage over a 5-foot, one hundred pound woman in a sport shooting competition.

But I digress...

This feminization of males, especially here in America (and apparently throughout Europe) is one of the leading causes of our current societal woes.

Think about it. We strip males of their traditional (and in many ways, instinctual) roles of strength and machismo and replace it with...girlie stuff, which is instinctually negative for most men.

So what happens? We get higher rates of rape, we get higher rates of homosexuality, we get more instances of suicide, more confusion thanks to gender reversal, larger numbers of sexually confused and therefore "perverted" men, and more...

In short...we get our current society.

An easy comparison would be to the drug culture and drug abuse problems in this very same nation...

Make drugs illegal (more difficult to obtain) and you make more people want them, you make the profits in selling them higher, and so, in the end, you increase the problem of drug abuse by banning those drugs. So the very problem you attempted to thwart is instead exacerbated by the attempts at prohibition.

Ditto with manliness... Make it harder to be manly and the darker side of manliness (or lack thereof) will surface more often... So we get LaCross teams raping strippers, Arnold's "girly men" strutting the streets, more morally questionable porn (, and worse.

Funny how that works. The old "outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns" kind of gets a new meaning... Outlaw dicks and only outlaws will have dicks!

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