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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ed Brown - Tax Resistor and American Hero

Like most patriots and freedom-loving types, I've been following the Ed Brown family situation since the news broke a week or two ago. The gist of it is this:

Ed Brown (aged 65) and his wife Elaine were brought up on charges of tax evasion by the IRS. They have not filed or paid taxes since 1997 and owe an "estimated" $625,000. That is an IRS estimate, of course, and may or may not have a basis in reality. Nevermind the facts.

So...seeing that he was going to lose the kangaroo court case, Brown retreated to his "fortress-like home" and announced that he would not go quietly.

So far, the Federal Marshalls (who are now in charge since this is a federal case and since Brown now has a warrant for his arrest) have not surrounded the home or forcibly invaded. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the publicity surrounding it and memories of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

So now it's a waiting game.

A friend sent me a great group of links regarding this story. Here's the good stuff: video interviews with Mr. Brown by the only media allowed into his house so far. The IRS' public response to Mr. Brown's statements.

Of course, anyone who has seen Aaron Russo's awesome documentary video ( about the income tax will see that these are the standard-fare, circular arguments the IRS always uses. Those court cases they cite, by the way, were from LOWER COURTS and directly contradict US Supreme Court decisions...

There are numerous perspectives, story details, etc. all over the Net that can be found with a simple Google search or via the above links. Even if you dismiss things like this as "tax evasion kooks" or "militia nutjobs," I'd suggest you look at this story. In fact, if that's your thoughts on the subject, then I frikkin BEG you to look at the evidence, since you're one of the ones who probably needs the alternate perspective.

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