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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marc Rich: Neo-Con/Mossad Agent/Presidential Pardon Recipient...

Marc Rich is a Mossad agent who has too many crimes to list.

March Rich was charged on September 19, 1983, by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury on more than fifty counts of wire fraud, racketeering, trading with the enemy and evading more than $48 million in income taxes. The Mass Media only reported his tax evasion.

Rich made a fortune by illegally trading with countries like Russia and Iran which had embargos placed on them. While the US and Europe were containing the USSR the Israelis were secretly trading with them at lucrative prices in exchange for Jewish immergrants and Nuclear technology.
Rich made tens of millions helping the Oligarchs loot Russia. Too understand how in detial I suggest getting the book "Godfather of the Kremlin," by Paul Klebnikov.

Durring the embargo against Russia after they invaded Afghanistan, Rich sold wheat to Russian KGB who in turn distributed it for their own profits, which gaining Rich some nasty allies.

In a nut shell when Russian state run compaines like metals, oil and timber privitized they were not auctioned off to the highest bidder or to whoever could run them the best as was the plan. Instead Russian bureaucrats inside the Soviet government were bribed (and blackmailed) into making deals with nasty Zionists who they had made arrangements with. Yelson was hospitalized and Yegor Gaidar the PM brought in all his crooked friends. The Russian Israelis then gobbled up assets at basement prices and then re-sold them to third parties for their actual worth. They made enourmous profits. They kept what they wanted and Russia had a new class of Billionaires the Oligarchs. Follow the link for more on that.

Rich was Russia's largest trader in Aluminum and Oil, exporting what he got for way below the market price by using fraud and all kinds of dubious means, he flooded Western Markets. The Russian people were being robbed by Rich and the Oligarchs to the point of starvation. Rich and his partner Pincus (Pinky) Green took advantage of this. (In particularl they creeated hords of desperate young Russian girls... thus the Mossad's infamous sex slavery and blackamiling schemes.) The conditions these two helped create in Russia is what allowed for the massive sex slavery rings where by little boys were being raped to death on film. The films were then sold to Europe and Aemerica. The Moscow ring led to the arrest of Seth Bekenstien in California on Jan 4th 2000 and then Victor Razumov. If you remember that story. (CNN finaly reported portions of it two month after it had already leaked on the web.) Hey after all Israel is a country whose president is up for charges of multiple rapes. But hey if it is not on the "news" then it did not happen. More of this sex ring was busted October of 2000 in Italy and the two reporters who reported on it got fired by Gad Lerner the owner of the Italian network. It was later reported in British papers. Reminds me of the Franklin Credit Union cover up with Boystown Nebraska... Just how did Jeff Gannon make refferences to internal government documents about the Plame Affair before it was public? I think it is easy to connect the dots when Rove was a leaker and he is who helped set up the fake Talon News Agency that Gannon was said to work for before being uncovered as a male prostitute, but that's another story (it's in my book). Back to Rich.

Marc Rich and 'Pinky' Green swindled Americans out of hundreds of millions. By the way Marc Rich's hometown Antwerp is where the majority of Extacy sent to America is created ~75% of which is controlled by Israeli mafia. Remember the case of Sean Erez....

In April, 1980 durring the Iran Hostage crisis Marc Rich purchased six million barrels of oil from the Iranian government and sold it on the world market. Payments were made fraudulently through American banks and illegal use of American telecommunications facilities. He made hundreds of millions.

When Rich was charged with tax evasion involving money laundering through the bank of New York (on money he made illegally to begin with) in the US Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak called Clinton and asked him to pardon Rich. So did the head of the ADL Abram Foxman. If the head of the ADL and the Leader of Israel were not enough to raise eyebrows, Shabtai Shavit (Former Mossad chief until 1996) also wrote Clinton a letter. And so did Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Chairman of the Holocaust Memorial Council. How interesting that all these Zionists leaders threw their support behind Marc Rich.

Read the entire report here:

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