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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Believe The False Logic

Our leaders have branched out into comedy. A hapless Muslim, held prisoner
at Guantanamo, who was only able to last between two and two and a half
minutes when subjected to "waterboarding", confesses to everything ordered
by his interrogators. When asked whether anything he said was as a result of
torture, his reply is deleted from the transcript; when asked again, he says
he was not subjected to any threats, duress or pressure.

The perpetrators of 9/11 must insist that regular office compartment fires
can melt tons of structural steel and partly boil steel members in a
skyscraper that was not even hit by a plane. The crooks must assert that
Islamic fundamentalists are prone to drinking, gambling, visiting strip
bars, and speculating on stock options of companies involved in airlines,
reinsurance, financial services, weapons manufacturing, etc. The genocidal
Mafia that plotted 9/11 must claim that no one had ever conceived that
terrorists might use planes as guided missiles when in fact this had been
widely known for years since the "Bojinka plot" and in March 2001 the Fox TV
network had aired an X-Files spin-off that involved a US government plot to
crash a hijacked Boeing into the World Trade Center, that "suicide
hijackers" were simultaneously so skilled that they knew how to turn off an
aircraft transponder - but still flunked a chance to fly a Cessna at a
flight school and practised piloting a Boeing 757 or 767 with an Arabic
language flight training manual on the way to the airport, that airport,
train and bus video cameras mysteriously fail whenever Islamic hijackers or
bombers are on the job, that it was just coincidence that Benjamin "Bibi"
Netanyahu's father Benzion was secretary to Ze'ev "Vladimir" Jabotinsky, who
founded the Zionist terrorist movement that played an important part in the
creation of Israel (e.g. King David hotel bombing, conspiracy to assassinate
British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin), or that Bibi was a unit team leader
in Sayeret Matkal, an elite special forces unit of the Israeli Defense
Force, and just happened to be in New York City in the morning of 9/11 and
in London on the morning of the 7/7 attacks (having received advance
warning), and is a close friend of Larry Silverstein who, along with Zionist
billionaire and "Holocaust survivor" Frank Lowy, just happened to have taken
over the World Trade Center lease and ensured the Towers were insured for
billions of dollars against terrorist attacks within six weeks of 9/11. And
the tin-foil crackpots hold that it was just a coincidence that Rabbi Dov
Zakheim had access to Boeings and to the very Flight Termination System
incorporating a Command Transmitter that was capable of electronically
hijacking a plane and crashing it into a building, no suicide or Cessna
drop-out pilots required. Another spooky coincidence concerned the massive
Israeli spy-ring that was busted around the time of the attacks, and the
five "dancing Israelis" caught celebrating and filming the burning Towers,
whilst in possession of foreign passports, box cutters, $4,700 cash hidden
in a sock, and a van that tested positive for traces of explosives.

It is sometimes amusing to see the tangled hoops that the Likud party tries
to jump through, claiming that its only wish is for peace, but it is
thwarted by Palestinian "terrorists", "dictatorial Arab regimes", "Muslim
fundamentalism and nazism", etc. When they quote the Tehran Times' (2002)
compilation of evidence that Israel did 9/11, the Likudniks actually do a
pretty good job of proving the Iranians are very much in touch with reality.
As Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in his book Terrorism: How The West Can Win,
"terrorism is simply too tempting a weapon to be forsaken". That applies
equally to those purporting to be part of a "war on terror".

Those who have lost loved ones in the attacks attempt to believe in the
Zionist-concocted 'reality', but clearly have a hard time imagining how
terrorists could be so lucky and governments so inept.

Suppose there is a middle-aged lady, who has been happily married for 29
years. The first husband dies or disappears, and husband number two takes
out a massive $3+ billion insurance policy on her life. It is subsequently
found that the first husband's removal from the scene is linked to a friend
and business partner of the new husband. A mere six weeks later, the lady
dies in mysterious circumstances in an accident that would not be fatal
unless the laws of physics, chemistry and biology were revised - e.g., a
small piece of cardboard falls on her head from a height of one foot. Any
detective worth their salt should be suspicious, to say the least.

Bullet wounds to the chest are then discovered, and five assassins - who are
linked to husband #2 and his associates - are arrested after being found
dancing and celebrating with high fives and with traces of gunpowder on
their fingers. "Ah", the skeptics cry, "a human body is comprised of some
highly reactive elements. You have potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium,
iron, plenty of water, and oxygen in the air. Moreover, the body is heated
to about twenty degrees above ambient. Isn't it quite possible that some
sort of exothermic reaction occurred, forming the observed bullet holes?"
The skeptics then conclude that the death was due to natural causes, after
her head was hit by a piece of cardboard at 5 mph. Everyone else marks them
down as kooks.

In short, the official 9/11 conspiracy theory - and the criminals' defense -
is based on junk science, junk psychology, junk logic, junk math, junk
history, and junk politics. And for "junk", read "Khazar".

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