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Thursday, May 31, 2007

You Receive What They Believe You Deserve
by Nancy Levant

The global government movement was designed by the wealthiest men in our
world. It was designed to support their corporations, their foundations,
their opinions, and the continuance of their family dynasties. It was
designed to merge their corporate powers with and into governmental powers.
It was designed to hand themselves total control of the world's wealth,
which means land.

They achieved their missions, first and foremost, by capturing financial
control of research and development, and they did so by funding research and
development via their corporate foundations.

They also created the United Nations. They created private clubs that could
operate in secret, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg
Group, the Trilateral Commission, etc., and they also created training
grounds for future comrades via the secret societies inside of their Ivy
League universities.

The lives and perks of such people are beyond what commoners can imagine.
The power and the money at their disposal are, frankly, beyond our
comprehension. It is, in fact, mostly impossible for commoners to believe.
Hence, the current state of their global affairs exists. Our "freedom" is no
more than a figment of our imaginations and truly an untruth. We have no
freedom. It is, in fact, nonexistent.

Politicians are no longer politicians. They work for the world's elite and
represent no common man or country. They are highly paid brainwashers,
visioning facilitators, deceivers, liars, and thieves. We are forced to pay
their salaries. We are forced to fund all global governance initiatives,
which literally stole the wealth, property, savings, and security of every
commoner on the planet. The wealth that was amassed in the last 3 decades by
these criminals truly is beyond comprehension - literally beyond the
comprehension of common people. We live in unfathomable states of ignorance.
We have been robbed blind, yet we still can't acknowledge the theft of our
money, livelihoods, children, potential, nation, and future.

The truth be told, we are no longer American people. We are Communists
living amidst a bureaucratically evolving dictatorship that has been
steadfastly planning for our awakening. As we recently discovered, the rest
of our American military will be leaving the homeland very soon - the young
men and women who are told they are protecting their homeland. They have
closed many of our homeland military bases, while building global bases on
foreign soil, and at the same time they have raised new paramilitary forces
on American soil. In fact, there are so many new paramilitary forces on the
homeland that, again, one cannot fathom their power, their intentions, or
their loyalty to another system of governance.

Equally, the American commoner does not realize that he is now under the
governing auspices of regional governors - governors that were appointed to
power (not elected to power) - and that we, the people, don't even know who
they are, what they are doing, where they are located, or to whom they
serve. These new governing bodies in the United States were illegally
raised, and they were raised without the knowledge of the American people.
The problem is the American people are clueless as to what is/was legal in
the United States. The regional system of governance was crafted and raised
by our elected representatives. We paid their salaries as they constructed a
dictatorship on American soil according to the plans and dictates of their
master handlers. They committed treason. Their intentions were to overthrow
Constitutional America and every right granted to each and every one of us.
Their missions were accomplished. America is no longer America, and we are
no longer people with rights and freedom. I suggest to you that you have no
freedom whatsoever.

We could look to the powers of our state capitols, but unfortunately for us,
our state governors are also no longer working for the United States or the
people of the individual states. They are working for the Federal
government, which is not an American entity nor working under Constitutional
Law. The Federal government is a global governing body operating under
Communitarian Law, which is the same system of law used by the European
Union. America is a global region that is merging with Mexico and Canada
into the North American Union. These global regions serve under the auspices
of the emerging global economy, or one system of economics, which was
invented and implemented by the marriage of international banks to
transnational corporations. We, the world's people, are the laborers to this
new economic system - nothing more - nothing less.

America is lowering its standard of living, while the Third World is raising
its living standards. Once "equity" is achieved, we will all live meager
lives in service to corporations IF AND ONLY IF we comply with this new
world dictatorship. This, my stupid American friends, is Communism.

Now, let's look at some trends in our new world. All public schools and
daycare centers in America are literally crawling with "mental
health/social/emotional/literacy" professionals - literally crawling with
them. This cannot be denied. They are also pigeon-holing every American
child into labor-destined categories, while "assessing" the "social"
condition of students and their families. This also cannot be denied.

Food delivery is changing all across the U.S. Meat is becoming unaffordable
by design at the United Nations, who has determined that people need to eat
predominantly vegetarian diets. We have been made squeamish about beef and
poultry via Mad Cow and Bird Flu media frenzies. Equally, we note all the
new brand meats in all our groceries stores - brands we've never seen, which
come from outside of the United States. All of us older Americans also note
that meat is very different than it use to be in taste, color, and texture.

Weekly or monthly food deliveries are being advertised as fabulous and
successful weight loss alternatives, but in actuality, we are witnessing a
desensitizing tactic that benignly introduces the concept of food rationing.
We see this same desensitizing tactic with implantable ID chips, which we
are told helps to curb kidnappings. The truth is that sub-dermal chips are
now being considered for all newborns (much like mandatory Social Security
numbers). Food control and rationing is coming in the form of "here are your
rations - and that's it." We have already witnessed the closing of smaller
food markets all across America. Eventually, I suggest that "stores," and
the freedom we have to use them, will cease to exist minus some
transnational superstores, where we have witnessed a decline in our quality
food supply.

Our health and health care is deteriorating. Most American people cannot
afford quality health care. Quality care has become the venue for the very
rich, and millions of American people have been bankrupted by our health
care system. As such, our global representatives now prepare our regional
health care system, which will, again, lower the availability of quality
medical treatment for all - and particularly for the elderly, the infirmed,
and the undesirable elements of our new society.

"Co-housing," and the creation of American "villages" headed up by
"facilitator" appointed governors, is the new housing mandate of our
representatives and their United Nations' masters (The U.N. calls them
"human settlements.) If you want a shocking awakening, type the word
"Co-housing" into your search engines and go onto some of the co-housing
community websites. Read their "missions" and thoroughly investigate all
their menu items. See Communist sectors all dolled up American media-style.
See what it's like to live as a community laborer according to dictatorship,
spies, and total control and propaganda.

To end, all pending legislation - all of it - is 1) unknown to the American
public, and 2) destroying every single freedom that you thought was secured
by the Constitution of the United States. The people running this country
are not American by any stretch of the imagination. They are Communist
sympathizers, employees, and facilitators. We've been had. We've been lazy.
Now, we will get what they think we deserve. We're on our own.

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