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Friday, July 27, 2007

Reporter / Activist Removed from Fred Thompson Press Conference

I just got this and find it indicative of the way so-called "conservatives" and those on the inside in D.C. handle things. This woman was doing nothing wrong, asked one simple question (right at the beginning) and continued filming his answers to others' questions. She was unobtrusive and made no loud remarks or comments until the cops appeared out of the blue to drag her away for no apparent reason...

Watch the video here:

For those of you who aren't on top of what's happening politically within the GOP, Fred Thompson (his face is famous as an actor) is not currently in the running for President in 2008. He is, however, considered a "staunch conservative" and will enter the running at the best moment when he can use his influence to lure truly conservative GOP members away from Ron Paul's campaign.

This scam will be what those who control this country use to keep the elections within their control and to stamp out the Ron Paul campaign before he gets too popular...

They are already having a hard time justifying their keeping the national media from mentioning his name, so this counter-strategy will happen soon.

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