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Friday, September 07, 2007

Thompson Can't Steal Ron Paul's Thunder
by John Ozberkmen

Is it me, or was the Fox debate last night a cartoonish production on par with something like High School Musical? Now why would Fox turn up the volume on Rudy’s microphone anytime it was Ron Paul's turn to speak? How many times did we have to hear Rudy Giuliani snickering at Ron Paul before the common person realized there was a purpose behind this madness?

How do you tell the difference between a career politician and a normal person? Sorry, this isn’t a joke with a punch line. When you ask a politician a question, you never get a real answer. They just keep talking and then end with a comment about how they respect someone else because of their bravery. A normal person just answers the question. That’s why Ron Paul is so popular with the average American. When he is asked a question, he gives a direct answer. And another thing, Dr. Paul’s answers have a point. Note to career politicians... Have a point before you start talking!

During the debate Chris Wallace excitedly declared that Ron Paul is aiding Al-CIA-da because he supports the Constitution. Thank you Chris, I never thought of it that way. If the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom, then George Bush must be right in eliminating the Constitution. Now I get it. We must eliminate America to save America. It makes perfect sense.

Whoa, wait a second, I almost got Neoconned there. What in the world can the establishment do when a real man, a staunch American, a supporter of the people, stands on a stage with a bunch of whimpering ninnies? Ron Paul’s popularity is so far beyond anything anyone expected, that they have to resort to subterfuge to try and eliminate him. Every time Dr. Paul spoke he was greeted with spectacular cheers from the crowd. Watch the video of it here.

Sean Hannity blatantly lied and engaged in character defamation after the debate by telling millions of people that Ron Paul did not really win the Fox cell phone poll and that his supporters were cheating. The truth is the cell phone poll only allowed one vote per cell phone number. I could continue to list the many points of attack towards Dr. Paul but that wouldn’t be the point.

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The real point is the establishment is scared. They have a lot to lose if their control of the system is lost. Nuremburg is not that distant a memory for people like Sean Hannity, Chris Wallace and Brit Hume who have chosen to be on the wrong side of history. The huge wave of the truth and freedom movement cannot be stopped. Main Stream CIA controlled media is on a downward slide while the alternative media is growing exponentially.

CFR member, Fred Thompson’s announcement is the last gasp of the establishment to try and subvert the popularity of Ron Paul. Of course, his announcement was conveniently timed with Ron Paul winning another presidential debate. While Fred is popular with many conservatives, adding him to the mix will change nothing. As Dr. Paul said, "It only dilutes my competition" with one more establishment politician in the group.

The bottom line is, Ron Paul as president would eliminate the fraudulent Federal Reserve System, restore Habeas Corpus, and every inalienable right in the Constitution. He would bring home our troops and stop our entry into the North American Union. Every other candidate, including all Democrats, would continue the war and the decline of our republic. It’s not about the false paradigm of liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s about the people vs. the corporate globalist establishment, individual rights vs. top down pyramidal domination. This time it’s more important than just deciding which side to vote for. Do something, anything! Turn off the television and get out in the streets.

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