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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Global Warming - The Farce Continues

Since Blogger is doing some kind of special hoodey, highlighting blogs that cover environmental issues, I figured I'd jump in the game too. First, with a video from the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

Hey, speaking of Global Warming, let's have a look at the champion of this theory, Al Gore, and what he's doing to help out...

So we look again at the information that's being put out as "science" and wonder what it all really means. Al Gore and his fictional horror film aside, there are still a lot of government-funded scientists saying that global warming is real. So we have to wonder if this phenomenon is real...

Well, it is, but not in the way that you think. Yes, the average temperature in the past fifty or sixty years has been higher than normal. That much is true, but fifty years, geologically, is not even a fly speck! Fifty years of information is nothing when compared to the thousands and even millions of years it takes for things to really happen in a planetary scale when we're discussing geological change...

Speaking of those scientists and the groups that fund them (usually the World Wildlife Fund or one of its subsidiaries like Greenpeace - look it up), you have to ask yourself, what have these same people come up with in the past? Well, in the 1970s, these same people were pushing the (scary) idea that we are headed for a new ice age... in thirty years we've gone from a pending ice age to a pending tropical age? Wow... isn't science great? Especially when it's really just political science, not empirical... Go here to find out more about this information.

Or just watch this little video here: global warming really such a big deal? Only if you're a control-freak globalist who wants to make everyone your slave...


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