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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patriot Act - Gold - Nazi - FBI

OK, the title may change, but the correlation won't. The fact is that tyrannical regimes, intoxicated with power, have always taken away the rights of citizens. They have always tried to disarm citizens, have always killed their own citizens, and have always stolen the wealth of their citizens.

Hitler disarmed German citizens, brutalized them, dehumanized them, and confiscated their gold, jewelry, and art.
Today, the FBI, a division of our own Stasi-like Homeland Security - not to be confused with Hitler's Fatherland Security - confiscated gold, silver, platinum and records from a US business. A business who was in the business of minting ornamental precious coins with sentimental value, but no currency value. I'm sure it was pure coincidence that these brand new uncirculated coins had the face of Ron Paul on them. Yes, Ron Paul... presidential candidate Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the Republican candidate who wants to end income tax, and end the war in Iraq. He is also the only presidential candidate who spoke out against the USA PATRIOT Act. (Click here to see articles and videos on Ron Paul's anti-USA PATRIOT act position)

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