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Friday, January 04, 2008

Did Giuliani Kill More Americans on 9/11 Than Osama?

We don’t listen to statistics anymore. We are bombarded with them every day. Who has the time to pay attention? 50,000 people die in auto accidents every year yet we hop in our cars without pause to go to work every morning. Doctors kill 600,000 people every year in medical mistakes and who do we turn to when we get the flu? I guess huge numbers of people dying are less important to us than a single tragic event. Or are they?

On 9/11 more than 3000 people were murdered on television in front of us all. The horror that we witnessed that morning will never be erased from our memories. There was another tragedy regarding that day that has sadly been ignored. The brave men and women who jumped into action to help were unjustly put in harms way thanks to our own leaders.

If you haven’t heard by now, thousands of emergency workers are sick and dying from being exposed to the toxins at ground zero in the days and months following the attack on 9/11. For whatever reason, to reassure us, to get back to normalcy, to feel like someone was taking care of business, our leaders decided to tell the emergency workers it was safe to continue their clean up efforts.

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