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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Take on Ron Paul Leaving the Presidential Race

OK, you asked for it. Well, at least a couple of you did. I got the emails. Yes, I know Ron Paul left the race officially in his announcement last night. Yep, I have an opinion about it. I have an opinion on everything!

In my opinion, which isn't very humble, I don't think he should have quit the race for President. Not until after the national GOP convention. Why? Because I think like a guerrilla warfare, anti-government, hit-em-where-it-hurts kinda guy. Not a "save face and use our resources to do something else" kinda guy.

I'll admit that his leaving makes sense when you consider the broader picture of what Dr. Paul seems to be planning: the creation of a new political party, of sorts, or at least a coalition of freedom-loving candidates and elected politicians. I'll even admit that in the long term, this is probably a good idea - assuming the global elitist takeover Illuminati chumps (use whatever name you like, I prefer "the bungholes that run the world") allow free elections to continue. The evidence says they aren't gonna do this, since they're already rigging and messing with election results almost globally now. Oh, ya, your vote matters. At least, if you watch MTV it probably does.

In my opinion, the only vote you have that really matters is your fist in the air, your ass on the street making noise, and your personal collection of doomsday articles (guns, ammo, food storage, and the like: I still want to start a Guns, Ammo, and Food Storage Party (GAFS Party)...). If you want to throw gold and silver in there, go ahead, but I don't put a lot of stock in that - buy shovels and seeds instead, they'll be worth more than that gold is if the shit hits the fan.

Back on topic.

My point is this: I think Ron Paul should have stayed in it until the national GOP convention in Minnesota. Why? Because his presence in the GOP makes them very nervous and the crowds of fans that he brings makes them even more nervous. The news media has a hard time ignoring Dr. Paul and his entourage of freedom-loving, sign waving, screaming fans - at least, they have a hard time doing it without looking the fool.

Second, you know they planned to shut him out or at least press him to the sidelines and marginalize him at the convention. Right? Had they done that, his thousands of militant supporters (me probably included) would have made a huge fuss, a giant nuisance of ourselves and generally got ourselves filmed and photoed making it obvious that we aren't happy with them ignoring Dr. Paul.

Not to mention McCain probably would have lost or at least looked the fool. Especially if they were stupid enough to let Congressman Paul speak in front of any kind of audience during the proceedings...

At any rate, I'm more interested in making the Republican Party look like the lying, snivveling, asswipe neo-cons they are than I am in preserving the unity of the blah blah blah. I figure if we hit the GOP this year, we can target the Democrats and their moronity1 in 2012. They're not as easy a target, but after four years of "it's changing to be the same" Obama, I'm sure they'd be ripe for the slaying.

That's my opinion on this whole thing. Hey, they don't call me "Militant" for nothing. :)

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