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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Lincoln Gambit

by WN Grigg

While it cares little for customary piety, our ruling Nomenklatura displays the intolerant fervor of Paradise-bound Jihadis in defending the sanctity of the Almighty State and its avatars. In that pantheon there is none holier than the martyred founder of the Second (or People's) American Republic -- Abraham the Almighty, whose sacred likeness sits in stoic majesty in the Imperial Capital's most celebrated pagan cathedral.

Despite the fact that the candidate had a background barren of worthwhile accomplishments and a political vita that could be inscribed on the note inside a fortune cookie, Barack Obama's followers -- most likely in the thrall of a campaign-generated meme -- routinely compared him to Jesus.

Lincoln, by way of contrast, wasn't deified in this fashion until after his assassination. Now that he's scant weeks away from being garlanded with Caesar's crown and swaddled in the Imperial purple, the media's image-makers have joined in the chorus of deification, widely and shamelessly anointing him son and heir to Abraham the Divine.

In fact, Obama is the beneficiary of what could be called an affirmative action apotheosis: He's being sanctified before he's had an opportunity to do anything. Already, even before the Electoral College has assembled to cast its votes, Obama is being treated as the sitting president: He is conducting business with Congress and state governors, and reporters at press conferences convened by the "Office of the President-Elect" are required to stand as one in solemn, chastened reverence as His Holiness strides to the microphone, presumably hovering an appropriate distance above the ground so as not to be soiled by contact with the mundane.

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  • At 2:08 PM, December 03, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As an actual Libertarian, I find that some of your crap is just downright stupid. Our party sold out to an evil no good son of a bitch, the republicans were running another as were the dems.. at least give the winner a chance. I'm sure that Bob Barr wouldn't have been any better than either of these fools so just chill for a little while. You sound worse than the republicans who are saying "I can't wait for his voters to realize what they've done," or "by the time he's done, the blacks and whites are both going to say he's mixed race, he ain't one of mine".. It is almost like you are rooting against him and therefore the country. Your stupid rants make libertarians look bad.. why don't you go and write some personal notes to yourself instead of turning off the few open minded people that there are??

  • At 2:15 PM, December 03, 2008 , Blogger Militant Libertarian said...

    Define an "actual libertarian," buddy. Is it someone who just debates endlessly about minutae and ignores the real world? Someone who worships Ayn Rand and deifies Ron Paul instead of going out and making a difference on their own?

    Obama is going to screw us. McCain would have (and will continue to, in the Senate) screwed us. Bob Barr is a sheister. The Libertarian National Party sold out years ago and the state parties are walking in step with them like the sheeple that most professed libertarians are.

    So tell me, in your infinite (anonymous) wisdom, what a "true libertarian" really is? I know what I think it is. It's someone who exposes the truth, talks about the issues, and WORKS TO MAKE CHANGE.

    In my experience, those who have the time to bitch and moan about the people who're doing something are those who AREN'T DOING ANYTHING THEMSELVES. Prove me wrong, buddy pal.

  • At 8:55 PM, December 04, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just what are you doing other than coming on the internet and being a whackjob? It's fine to be against everyone but you come out like you are rooting against the country in hopes that 'libertarians' will some day have a chance. That isn't going to help the cause. What truth have you ever exposed on here? This site is just another reason why blogs are pointless. You think you are doing some good but in fact, you aren't. Just chasing people away.
    Tone it down a little and look for the right times to get a point or two in but don't always come off like a loon! BTW, Ayn Rand could have and Ron Paul can suck my ass for all I care and I dropped out of the "party" a long time ago - but that's not the point.. the point is that you are more into anarchy under the guise of libertarianism. If you are going to be a "new socialist libertarian", that is completely alright but state it up front. Militant libertarian should be called Militant Nutso!

  • At 9:08 PM, December 04, 2008 , Blogger Militant Libertarian said...

    Ya, I've tried that "toning it down" crap. Doesn't work.

    I toned it down when I spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the USA Patriot Act. Guess what that got me? Yep, ignored.

    I toned it down when I tried to help Ron Paul run and look where that got me.

    I've toned it down for years and I don't see liberty getting any stronger in this country. I'm tired of toning it down, so I don't.

    So you tone your views down all you want and see how far you get. Meanwhile, I'll keep telling people they're pussies, telling politicians to go the fuck home, and generally being a libertarian asshole. I'm getting more attention and making more headway this way.


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