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Monday, December 15, 2008

Update From Dan in Canada

I got an update from Dan in Canada whose been having the legal troubles stemming from his purchase of magazines for a gun.

Despite the best efforts of my lawyer, the judge found me guilty of “importation of a prohibited device” and “possession of a prohibited device”. I will be sentenced on January 22nd. My lawyer is asking for an “absolute discharge” because I ordered these magazine bodies from a reputable source (Brownells) and knew that they would come through customs, so it’s not like I was trying to sneak them across the border. The National Firearms Association (the Canadian version of the NRA) is going to back me for an appeal as their legal advisors believe that the judge erred in law and that the RCMP provided incomplete and incorrect information which may have prejudiced the judge’s decision.

There has also been an interesting development. As I was leaving the court room with my lawyer; a sheriff (they provide courtroom security and escort prisoners in and out of the cells) was blocking the exit and as I brushed past him he grabbed my right arm and it felt like he was trying to put me into a hold. I went into normal defense mode and pulled out of it. He then started yelling that I was under arrest and to put my arms behind my back which I did (I had my back to him). He still kept yelling to put my hands behind my back and when I told him they were behind my back (which they were) he tripped me and sent me to the ground. He still kept yelling to put my hands behind my back and when I told him they were behind my back he jumped on me, put me in a head lock and he still kept yelling to put my hands behind my back and when I told him they were behind my back and that he was on top of me. Another meathead showed up and they cuffed me and put me in cells. I can't believe that arrogant little roid-rage prick. If it would have been anywhere else this idiot would have been sent to the hospital with a broken face. I complied knowing that these dimwits love nothing more than to go on a power trip. I’m surprised I wasn't tasered.

After I had my appearance to set a date for sentencing I was released from the court and a North Vancouver RCMP was waiting for me and put me under arrest for "threatening” and "assaulting" the sheriff. I was brought to RCMP cells and held for 24 hours. I then had a phone conference with a justice of the peace and was released on a promise to appear. I made my first appearance two weeks later for these latest charges and I now have a copy of his statement and he claims that I tried to “gouge out his right eye as I resisted arrest”. I don't know how the crown will be able to prove any of these charges as my lawyer was right there and saw and heard everything, and oddly enough the sheriff doesn’t have statements from anyone else. I have now had to retain a new lawyer as my existing one can’t be my lawyer and my witness.

It’s amazing how they try and make criminals out of ordinary people. I also want to lay charges against another of the guards that grabbed me by the throat and pushed me onto a bench in the cell while I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back and with my legs shackled. What a coward and I told him so. All of this has to be on video as there’s cameras everywhere in the court house and in cells.

I’ll let you know what happens at the sentencing.

Yours in Liberty,

Thanks, Dan. This is yet another bogus example of how you're guilty no matter what the charge or evidence unless you have the connections to make yourself innocent again.

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