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Monday, February 02, 2009

A Few Notes on Central Banking

In my research into central banking, the World Bank, and so forth I came across some information that's extremely interesting, given the current state of world affairs.

The Rothschild family owns Bank of America (the world's largest bank) and the Rockefellers own Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan Chase (America's largest banks under BoA). The Rothschilds own a majority share in the Bank of England (the UK's central bank) and have controlling shares in Europe's central banks. Both the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have large controls (through central banks) of the IMF and their World Bank.

In the entire world, only a handful of countries can be noted that don't have IMF or Rothschild-controlled central banks. These are known to George W. Bush's fans as the "Axis of Evil"... North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela (which recently paid off its debt and pulled out of the World Bank/IMF)... See a trend? If Fox News hates them, they're probably not a member of any central bank controlled by the Rothschilds.

Of that group, Iraq is now under a newly-established central bank modeled on the European Central Bank (aka Bank of England) and Afghanistan is revamping theirs to match. So they can be struck from the list, leaving only half a dozen more to be conquered.

The Palestinians, it should be noted, have basically no banking at all thanks to their having very little in the way of economy--most of their money on the streets is actually Egyptian currency, though barter is the general way of things. Also note that under Islamic law, usury is immoral and forbidden, therefore the interest-loan-basis of most central banks is not legal under Islamic law. Yet another reason for the ruling families to hate Islam, since usury is the very basis of their debt-on-debt system of control.

So the point is: watch the nations which have no central bank controlled by the Big Boys and you can point your finger at which nations will be attacked in the near future, either by US or by another major military power--perhaps China, which will need an excuse to spend its over-abundant money reserves and production capacity once the US market starts going too dry for them.

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