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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Impact of Airborne Frogs on the Stratospheric Ozone Layer

by Vin Suprynowicz

The mailbag being nearly full, and your loyal correspondent thanks to a sinus headache having been shuffling around this past week like the archetypal Vulcan in the old “Spock’s Brain” Star Trek episode (third season, original series), herewith some recent missives of interest:

Brian writes in:

“Vin, thanks for the refreshing article ‘Greenland and the polar ice cap are melting.’ I am often irritated by articles claiming that we need to reduce man-made CO2 gas to save the planet from global warming. It is amazing that there are so many people (including government leaders) who believe we can alter global temperatures by using renewable energy sources.

“After reading your article, I am sure that you are aware that man-made CO2 emissions comprise only 0.117 percent of the total greenhouse gases that trap solar radiation and heat the earth’s atmosphere. Water vapor comprises the majority of the greenhouse gases. Eliminating human activity altogether would have little impact on the climate change.

“I am a retired aerospace engineer who spent more than 40 years in southern California designing satellites. Much of that time was devoted to the thermal design of satellites wherein we relied on various techniques to control the amount of incident solar energy absorbed and rejected by the satellite exterior surfaces. We were able to control the temperature of the satellites to within 2 to 3 degrees F of the predicted control temperature.

“To accomplish this achievement we had to account for energy radiated from the sun as well as the earth. I am quite familiar with how the earth’s atmosphere traps a portion of the sun’s energy spectrum and re-emits a portion of that energy in the infrared energy spectrum.

“The scientists can make all the statistical quotations they want but they cannot refute my basic assertion – man-made CO2 emissions comprise only 0.117 percent of the total greenhouse gases. The laws of physics will not allow 0.117 percent of the atmosphere to control the climate temperature.

“I fully recognize that CO2 emissions has become a convenient political issue to be used by many for their own selfish interests. Scientists are motivated by notoriety and funding for promoting this issue. Politicians likewise are motivated to use this issue to cast blame on their opposition. Reducing CO2 emissions is important for air quality but it cannot alter the planet’s global temperature.”

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