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Monday, February 09, 2009

Kiva - Loans That Improve the World

I know most of what I post here is purely political and usually America-centric. Often it's about Libertarianism versus the status quo statist oligarchy. Well, let's look at something purely libertarian now that all of us can agree with, whatever our political bent.

Kiva is a website that facilitates loans. Not the kind that we're used to: big banks charging hefty interest or a central bank charging interest on something they create for free out of thin air. Nope, these are loans from regular people like you or I to entrepreneurs the world over who are working to improve lives in their area.

These entrepreneurs aren't motivated by some "feel good" and unrealistic ideal (like most supposed socialists are). Instead, they're motivated by something all libertarians can understand: profit so they can live a better life and improve the lives around them through a better economy.

By giving these people loans, whether it's $25 or $25,000, you're improving their chances of making their small business succeed. That success will lead to jobs, an influx into the local economy, and more. That's an economic stimulus package that anyone with half a brain (even Keynesians) can understand.

I think Kiva is a great opportunity and an awesome way for libertarians to support a charity we can really get behind. Something we can really believe in. So go check it out and participate.

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