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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Antiwar Veteran Arrested at VA Protest in Washington, D.C.

On March 19, 2009, antiwar Veterans held a press conference, at 12:30 PM, in front of the headquarters of the VA, just north of the White House. Their purpose was to draw attention to the “March on the Pentagon” rally set for this Saturday, March 21st. That action is sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition of which the “Veterans and Service Members Task Force,” is a part. Also, the Veterans wanted to underscored how those that have served the nation in foreign conflicts are not receiving adequate services from the VA, medical and otherwise. Before the press conference, U.S. Army Veteran Forrest Schmidt climbed the canopy/awning in the front of the VA building and raised a huge banner which said: “Veterans Say ‘NO’ to War and Occupation,” and which also promoted the “March on the Pentagon” rally set for this Saturday, March 21st. in D.C. He was immediately arrested. Speaking at the press conference were: Adam Kokesh, Ms. Tracey Harmon, Eric Murillo and James Circello. For more details on Schmidt’s arrest, and the charges that he faces; and on the draconian fines being leveled on the ANSWER Coalition by the local D.C. municipal government for posting flyers around town promoting the March 21st rally; and on the planning for this Saturday’s “March on the Pentagon” rally, go to:

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