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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Are Britney Spears and Barack Obama the Same Person?

Have you ever seen Barack Obama and Britney Spears together in the same room? Did you know Britney and Barack are both sensitive about the size of their ears? I believe these two may actually be the same individual. Let us compare:

Britney -- is a huge celebrity
Barack -- is a huge celebrity

Britney -- smokes cigarettes
Barack -- smokes cigarettes

Britney -- born in America
Barack -- born in America*

Britney -- excessive spender
Barack -- excessive spender

Britney -- Mickey Mouse Club
Barack -- His Cabinet

Britney -- had her hair shaved with clippers
Barack -- has his hair shaved with clippers

Britney -- abused illicit substances and sought treatment
Barack -- abused illicit substances

Britney -- loves to show off her chest
Barack -- loves to show off his chest

Britney -- socialite
Barack -- Socialist

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