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Friday, May 01, 2009

Beg Your Pardon Rep Dingell We DO Know Cap And Trade Is A Huge Taxing Scheme

This huge taxing SCHEME will affect EVERY damn thing we do and every single person in this country from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the electricity we need to live in our homes. The Europeans have tried all manner of this stupid carbon tax/cap and trade garbage and it accomplishes nothing but emptying the wallets of the citizens and making hairballs like Al Gore filthy rich. What, we’re telling them we can pull this swindle off so much better than them? I thought Obama just returned from his big apology tour over there, calling Americans arrogant. This isn’t arrogant?

We need to get every one of these damn politicians out of office and start from scratch. These morons have all been living in a fantasy world for far too long and they are proposing nothing less than a return to the native American way of living in this country, except for the ruling elite of course. This know nothing washed up shyster Al Gore with his $30,000 a year utility bills lecturing the rest of us on the BS climate crisis…give me a break.

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