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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Idiot Troopers Pull Over Ambulance For "Failure to Yield"

Troopers in need of not just anger management courses, but some serious slapping around and lessons in common sense, pulled over an ambulance for "failure to yield." While the ambulance was on its way to the hospital with a patient inside.

The incident happened in Oklahoma. Apparently, two State Troopers came up on an ambulance, on a possible emergency call of their own, and then took time out of their busy days to pull the ambulance over. Why?

Because the Troopers believe that whatever their "emergency" is (the one that apparently wasn't, since they had time to stop the ambulance) trumps the medical emergency inside the ambulance.

A witness to the events, the son of the woman in the back of the ambulance, caught the scene on his cell phone video camera. Troopers confront, yell at, and attempt to arrest the ambulance driver.

The Trooper in question is still out on the streets, pending "review" by the department (that's police for "we're circling the wagons and waiting for this whole thing to blow over so we can forget about it). The ambulance driver could face charges for obstruction of justice, assaulting a police officer, etc.

Public outrage over the whole thing is probably the only reason that ambulance driver/EMT isn't in jail right now.

The story is captured in three news reports, linked here:
EMT In Confrontation With Trooper Speaks Out
EMT Could Face Charges After Incident With Trooper
Witness Says Trooper May Need Anger Management

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