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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Other Sites

For those of you who are unaware, I have several websites/blogs that I publish. This is one of them, of course, and has been around the longest of the group. Most of the what's here, however, is reprinted from other sources rather than written by myself. This is mainly due to time constraints and the fact that I just got tired of writing pro-liberty stuff that nobody really has interest in. I wrote a lot of stuff in the beginning, but after getting nothing but (supposed) libertarian nit-pickers who found every little "problem" with my thoughts and pointed them out, I gave up.

That was about the same time I realized that the Libertarian Party as well as the Constitution Party are nothing more than glorified debate clubs. They get nothing done and are meaningless as anything but talking-point platforms for those who can't get up the balls to just go out and MAKE change happen.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing what else I do and where I'm actually writing, here's a list of my blogs:

Aaron's EnvironMental Corner - free market environmentalism: putting the Mental into environmental.

Militant Reviews - where I review books, movies, music, etc.

Aaron's Randomocity - random thoughts, ideas, and stuff from my brain to the Web. Some of it's political, some of it's funny, and all of it will be used someday as proof for my psychiatric commitment.

The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam - where I expose the b.s. coming from these two socialist groups.

There you go, folks. Instead of asking your friendly FBI agent where I'm writing stuff, I spell it all out for you right here, convenient-like. :)

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