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Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Health Care Flow Chart: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

by Allison Bricker, the Smoking Argus Daily

The “opposition” party in the House, i.e. the Republicans, have unveiled a flow chart illustrating the potential tangled bureaucratic red-tape mess that awaits Americans should President Obama’s plan to nationalize health care become law.

Quite frankly, anyone who supports such a system is nothing less than a thief. A thief too chicken-shit to steal directly from our family so thus they employ government thugs to conduct their thievery and call it “taxation”. Why should our family’s health be secondary to someone who chose to abuse drugs, alcohol, eat low quality fast food, not wear a seat-belt, smoke, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, or any of the utter litany of other personal decisions which have a specific effect on an individual’s health?

Are we supposed to feel guilty for any of the above who chose to make poor decisions related to their own health? Is our family somehow responsible for a complete stranger in some other state, county, town, etcetera who after eating a lifetime of fast food has developed diabetes and also needs Viagra to combat their erectile dysfunction?

Does our own children’s health care take a back seat to a the millions of high risk behavior young adults who end up mangled after some extreme sporting event?

Yet those who seek government health care keep whining, how dare we be so selfish as to desire to ensure the health of our our own family first. According to them we should remain quiet as these irresponsible, dependent, wards of the nanny state force their way into our private bank accounts with the help of pull peddling government bureaucrats.

If anyone is operating under the fantasy that a trip to the government health care clinic will somehow be fundamentally different from a trip to the Department of Motor vehicles or any other bloated alphabet soup bureaucracy, perhaps they should stop by a VA hospital or ask the veterans how great Uncle Sam is as “Doctor in Chief”.

Honestly, this really is not a difficult proposition to understand. Just ask yourself what happens when a radio station offers free gas giveaways or any other highly prized “freebie”. The result of course, lines around the block and many of those who were not in line first end up receiving no benefit at all, thus leaving them with a net loss in gasoline due to the time wasted idling.

The same rules of supply and demand apply to health care, which is thus why one result of government run health care are people waiting unacceptable times for time sensitive health services such as dentistry, cancer therapies, et al.

Moreover, please do not misconstrue my disdain for government managed health care as a philosophy of turning a blind eye to those in need. Once, when the economy was humming along, my income reflected such, and we had a sizable savings, our family helped several long time friends with rent, food, and basic necessities some for close to a year.

We enjoyed having the opportunity to help those who we personally knew and were invested in their well being. Additionally, it also made it possible for us to withdraw those resources when in one particular instance, our friend ended up squandering our help by refusing to look for a job and instead chose to endlessly play video games for close to seven months.

However, now things are different. Our life savings exhausted after needing to retain an attorney in order to secure justice from the courts during a three-year legal battle, and with a substantial reduction in my income from an overall decline in business at my employer, we now find ourselves the recipients of some charity from a close personal family friend who is not independently wealthy.

This is how we as Americans help each other. Americans are not stingy, we the People help one another, ’tis an example repeated continuously from one coast to the other. Family helping family, neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends, strangers helping strangers.

What we do not do is steal from each other, or ask government to do so for us, and pretend our needs somehow outweigh those of the other person or group, thereby justifying the theft.

Perhaps I am alone in my vision of America or the “more perfect Union”. Nevertheless the America to which my allegience lies is an America who does not torture, does not wage aggressive interventionist wars, spies on her own people, or pretends to redefine the word theft as health care.

Nor shall I ever claim citizenship to the Neo-America which attempts to justify the aforementioned. To that bastardized amalgamation, I shall forever remain a vocal enemy of the state.

Don’t tread on us.

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