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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why does Congress hate business? And jobs?

by Shelly Roche,

It just blows my mind that THIS is the best they can do. That instead of looking at ways to reduce costs so more Americans could afford coverage, their knee-jerk reaction is to tax our businesses to fund their $2 trillion "plan."

I want people to be able to afford healthcare. I just don't see how that can happen if every move Congress makes increases the burden on our already stressed small businesses (which I believe are the lifeblood and future of this country).

If our parasitic government continues to leech resources generated by those of us who work hard or are entrepreneurs or innovators or business owners, there aren't going to be many of us left to leech off of in a few years. So if this is their big, brilliant plan to save the country and provide healthcare for all, they better start working on what they're going to do when all of our businesses have closed their doors or gone under, and no one can find a job because there is no longer an incentive to do business here.

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