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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Government Program? Cash for Lawyers

by John Stossel

America's trial lawyers believe they are not rich enough. The Washington Times says health care reform, rather than creating an opportunity to cut back on frivolous malpractice lawsuits, may instead provide a way to enrich lawyers.

(T)he one special interest that ought to be targeted is the only one that may get off scott-free -- trial lawyers. In fact, the lawyers want a tax cut... a sneak attack to secure a special tax break. According to Chris Rizo of, who reported from the association's annual meeting last week, the tax break would let plaintiffs' lawyers deduct certain expenses upfront rather than at the end of litigation -- thus encouraging frivolous lawsuits in search of jackpot justice. That would cost the Treasury billions...

(W)hen it comes to sharing in the cost of health care reform, the lawyers are off-limits. President Obama is against capping malpractice awards to reflect actual damage done to patients. He is against doing away with strict liability rules, which means doctors or medical companies still can be held liable for a bad outcome even if they do not create the problem.

No one manipulates the legal and tax system better than lawyers. Manipulating is what they do for a living. They get to be very good at it.

Mili Note: Obama is a lawyer...

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