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Friday, September 25, 2009

Good news, Wyoming! California is still stupid

by Aaron Turpen

Under a severe budget crunch, California has three big plans to save their wallets from extinction: cancelling their big-money solar plant plans in the Mojave Desert, holding a big State yard sale to sell off overflow equipment and stuff they no longer need and... raising the amount of renewable power they are requiring themselves to buy.

That last one might not be so bad, as the original plan was to raise the mandate for the amount of power California must have from renewable sources (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) to 38% and to do so from in-state sources.

Then came the Governator. Wyoming can thank him for nixing that plan and implementing only the bad bits. Bad for California, that is. So far, California is the number one importer of Wyoming green power and it looks like they'll continue to be so, no matter how many windmills we throw out there and how much power we can produce to send to the Golden State.

Once again, good news for us. We get the jobs, they get the debt. Good trade.

Eventually those socialists out there are going to have to wake up and realize that their high-dollar experiment has run out of funding and come back to earth. Until then, I say we milk them for all they're worth. It's not like we pay for the wind here. Right?

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