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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Make September 8 a Family Day!

by Linda Schrock Taylor

I wouldn't send my child to school on September 8, unless I had a strong death wish for America. On September 8, President Obama will be broadcasting a prepared speech to every school child, grades K-12, in America. On September 8, Obama the Change Agent begins his takeover of the schools…but not with my child, and hopefully not with yours.

Consider the implications of his grand plan. In a style typical of dictators, he is preempting the communications into every school in the nation. He has not sought the permission of parents or local school boards. He will not sign in at the office to get clearance and a visitor badge as everyone else must do.

As a parent, I expect the schools to notify me in writing if a controversial person or group would be making any kind of presentation. I could then decide whether to keep my child home, or ask that he be sent to the library to read during that time. But Barack Obama, with one huge broadcast, will dismiss the rights of everyone, ignore laws, and kick dust on the Constitution.

Parents will not be warned — except by a few like myself, Jeff Bennett at the Federal Observer, and others who stumbled upon the information that was sent to schools and teachers in advance of this controversial speech. The State will attempt to defend itself by pointing out that Obama will be encouraging children to work hard in school and learn all they can for a global economy. (He will cross his fingers behind his back and then tell how he approves of citizens being well informed, better educated, and more active, but Acorn thugs at health care town halls have already proven such talk to be a travesty, at best.)

The problem with the usurpation of nationwide instructional time on September 8 is not so much the message, but the manner. What gives Obama the legal right to trod upon the Constitution in this, and other matters? Nothing gives him the right. But this time, his timing is excellent because….

There is no time like September 8, 2009, to begin homeschooling your children. There are a multitude of successful examples to follow. There are books to guide parents. There are web sites offering help, lesson plans, and worksheets. At Exodus Mandate, Ray Moore and his group encourage every Christian to remove their children from secular schools. I agree with them. Why should parents be expected to enroll their children in today’s unholy schools … schools run by people who deeply disapprove of students being taught that ethics, morals, and religion will be their personal, safe anchors in a frightening and deceitful world?

Other resources include the Home School Legal Defense Association. Visit their site to learn the homeschooling laws for your state. For suggestions on curriculum, teaching methods and more, visit my archives. Beware of reading programs that are as ineffective as the public schools and look into The Spalding Method. Learn how fuzzy progressive math is destroying the mathematical potential of millions of children and learn which books NOT to buy. Visit sites like The Well-Trained Mind for suggestions and support. Scour the Internet! The lives and educations of your children are worth every effort, every sacrifice, on your part.

Do not say, “We would like to but simply cannot.” Make the commitment and you will find a way. Look about you as you put together a homeschooling plan. Can grandparents give some or even much of the instruction? What about other relatives? Would neighbors be interested in forming a homeschooling co-op? Could members of your church work together to school the children of the congregation? How much instruction could be done in the evenings after work days? Bing the topic! Google the topic! Visit the library! Put an ad in the paper asking if there are others seeking to accomplish the same thing.

On September 8, keep your children out of school and take the whole family out for a great day of adventure and real learning. Better yet, on September 8, keep your children out of school and homeschool them for at least kindergarten through grade 12.

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