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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gun owners face stricter regulations

The governor signed a new bill into law on Monday, October 12. The move is sparking mixed reaction.

The new law requires stores that sell ammunition to keep track of every customer who makes a purchase.

The idea is that local law enforcement can use the records to find illegal guns.

It also requires store owners to keep hand gun ammunition behind the counter or in some other "safe" place.

A thumbprint will be taken from anyone purchasing bullets and customers will also have to provide a valid California driver's license.

Most gun owners will tell you the right to bear arms is the most important of all of our inalienable rights.

They say the second amendment helps enforce the other amendments.

Gun Owner, Nelson Dymond says, "It's another chip at getting guns out of people's hands. If you don't have ammunition what good is the gun."

Dymond is disappointed the governor signed the bill.

He says all it does is make things harder for law abiding citizens.

"The more law we put in the more it favors the gang banger because you and I don't have a gun to protect ourselves. We don't have ammunition to protect ourselves and therefore, the gang bangers is a nice brave little gut out there because he knows nobody can shoot back at him", says Dymond.

Not everyone thinks along those same lines. Mark Buchman supports gun control. He says, "I just can't believe that anyone, anyone would be opposed to it."

Buchman believes any law that places tougher regulations on gun owners is a good thing.

He says as long as you're a law abiding citizen you've got nothing to worry about.

Adds, "I give my thumb print when I sometimes have to cash a check at a bank. Oh my God. Is that an imposition on my freedom? There's a speed limit on the freeway. Is that an imposition on my rights? No. It's part of living in a society."

Two very different view points.

But, both sides say they want what's best for the people of California and that's to keep them safe. Exactly how to do that is still up for debate.

Los Angeles and Sacramento have similar ordinances already in place.

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