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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who the Hell Are You?

It seems there are a lot of new faces to the Militant Libertarian Blog (and Pony Show), so I figured I'd better re-introduce myself. I know the site isn't much. I realize it's poorly organized, there's no "About Me" or any of that sort of thing, and most of the stuff here is just regurgitated news items that I found interesting.

Ya, well, I'm not nearly as active in politics as I was when this site and blog started. If you do a Whois on, you'll see that it's been registered for several years.

I started this when I was younger, dumber, had more time on my hands, and was generally interested in shoving things into the establishment's faces. I got the idea of calling myself the Militant Libertarian because, at that time, I was on a crusade as a rabble-rouser, focused on the then-new USA PATRIOT Act, the Homeland Security Act, and such like.

The name sounded cool and was kind of funny. It's an oxymoron. Get it? Militant Libertarian? No? Well, I won't explain it to you. That's even less than funny. Notice that nobody explains George Carlin or Larry the Cable Guy's jokes. They're just funny. Dennis Miller? Nobody gets that crap. I bet even Miller is amazed that people pay him to say the malarky he comes up with.

Anyway, my real name is Aaron Turpen. At the time this site started, I was a freelance Web Developer, small business tech consultant, and coffee drinker. Someone talked me into joining the Libertarian Party of Utah and then later I forgot to show to a meeting, so I got elected to become Secretary of the LPUT.

That was my first and only foray into party politics. I left the LPUT and the LP national organization happily and with no regrets after completing a term as Secretary. I learned a valuable lesson: political parties have two roles.

First, they keep the plebes in line thinking they're "doing something" when all they're really doing is participating in a glorified debate club wherein everyone there is basically on the same page and just bitches about everyone who isn't also there.

Second, they give candidates a way to work those plebes into enough clout to get elected. Once elected, they more often than not completely forget their party affiliation. Now the LPUT wasn't particularly good at getting candidates elected, so this wasn't entirely true for them. Those that were elected actually did a good job. But nobody outside of the party and the tiny town that elected them noticed. So it was the same point.

Also during that time, I faced financial ruin as my business took a back seat to politics (which don't pay, unless you sell out). My wife was very sick at the time as well, so things weren't going very good. Eventually, I had to get a job and that pretty much nixed the political action.

I still wrote diatribes for this blog and did some things, but during my mundane work, I had plenty of time to think. So I did.

Politics are worthless. That was and is my conclusion. You can play their game (the establishment, that is) all you want, but you'll never win. They have the money, the candidates, and the money to win. We have nothing when we enter their arena and play by their rules. The Ron Paul campaign for President put the final peg in my political coffin. As a service to that campaign, by the way, I ran the website, which is now defunct.

So now I just educate people. I don't do too well with this site, though it's retained some impressive readership numbers. I'm surprised, frankly, since almost nothing here is original anymore. Guess I'm still doing something right somewhere, though.

What I do now is blog in other locations about specific subjects ( specifically), help my friend with his radio show (, and make a living doing what I know how to do best: write about stuff. I still write about politics, the New World Order, the Bankster Elites, etc., but a lot of what I write is ghost-written and published in other people's names. I don't mind that.

I do know that very soon, a site I've written a ton of content for will be going online. It will be like, but with a bigger punch and a TON of editorial content specifically about the NWO, the Banksters, and so forth. I'm glad to be a part of that, though it will not have my name on it much. I'll let you know when it premiers. I'll probably be grabbing stuff from there to repost here regularly, whether I wrote it or not.

Anyway, that's who I am. I don't rabble-rouse against the elected types anymore. Now I rabble-rouse against the idiots who think that putting them in office made some kind of difference.

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