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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Will real health reform ever happen in America?

by Mike Adams,

When it comes to affordable, effective health care reform in America, there's only one question that really needs to be asked right now: What works?

In other words, what works to keep people healthy? What's affordable, safe and supports the long-term health of the population? What's available right now that can help people get healthy and remain healthy?

Those answers aren't difficult. They're found, in fact, in the fresh produce section of every grocery store in America, and even more answers are found in the dietary supplement sections of health food stores. In America today, we don't have a lack of good answers to the current health care crisis; what we have is too many people asking the wrong questions!

Instead of asking, "What works?" we have health care reform lobbyists and pharmaceutical pushers putting their efforts into a completely different question: "What's profitable?"

The entire health care reform conversation taking place today is based around that question: What's profitable? How can we make the most money by requiring the most people to participate in our profit-making system? That's the real reason behind mandatory health insurance requirements, by the way.

But what if we threw out everything we think we know about health care right now and started from scratch? Toss out the current complex system of failed treatments, failed insurance plans and the monopolistic practices that dominate western today. What if we started with a blank slate?

If we started over, wouldn't the first and most important question simply be "What works?"

A universe of possibilities to consider

Answering that question necessarily involves considering all the possibilities of what works. We've got to look at what works in the known universe, not just what works in one system of medicine. Proponents of western medicine, as you well know, want to limit the entire discussion of health care reform to their own narrowly-defined systems of chemical intervention, ineffective disease screening, medically unjustified surgeries and deadly chemotherapy treatments. But that's not an honest answer to the "what works" question... it's only a predetermined, narrow interpretation of the question that ultimately lends little value toward finding real health care solutions.

In answering the "what works?" question, we've got to consider healing foods, nutritional supplements, exercise, stress reduction, vibrational medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, spiritual medicine, healing through intention, body work, chiropractic care, mind-body medicine, the healing arts and much more. Not surprisingly, once you open up the possibility of answers to include the entire universe of possibilities, you quickly begin to discover safe, affordable and highly effective healing modalities that can help people prevent and eliminate disease while enhancing lifelong health and happiness.

For example, simple dietary changes alone can eliminate 70% of cancers all by themselves. Combined with superfood nutrition (which is ridiculously affordable compared to urgent medical care), sunshine, exercise and stress reduction, we can prevent 90% of all cancers using what we know right now -- without a single visit to a hospital or a clinic. (And without a single additional dollar being spent to "find a cure.")

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  • At 12:52 PM, October 12, 2009 , Anonymous life insurance in Canada said...

    With health care - it's even worse because we will not even let people pay into the system if we think they might be using more of the system than others. we let young people drive around without health insurance, which is pretty crazy.

    I think there are many things which are have to be done in short-run.


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