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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conflicts of interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz owns 150,000 option shares in vaccine technology company

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Dr. Mehmet Oz is a huge promoter of vaccines. He's been on television reinforcing fear about H1N1 swine flu and telling everyone to get vaccinated. But what he didn't tell his viewing audience is that he holds 150,000 option shares in a vaccine company that could earn him millions of dollars in profits as the stock price rises. It is in Dr. Oz's own financial interest, in other words, to hype up vaccines and get more people taking them so that his own financial investments rise in value.

Evidence describing these facts was delivered to NaturalNews by a private investigator named Joseph Culligan ( That evidence includes an SEC document detailing how Dr. Oz. bought options on stocks for SIGA Technologies in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. SIGA Technologies (stock symbol SIGA) is a vaccine technology company with many advanced developments whose success depends on the widespread adoption of vaccines. According to SEC documents, Dr. Mehmet Oz. currently holds 150,000 option shares on SIGA Technologies, purchased for as little as $1.35 back in 2005.

At the time of this writing, SIGA Technologies is trading at $7.10, making those options bought in 2005 worth $5.75 in profits today. If all the 150,000 options purchased by Dr. Oz. were exercised today, they would be worth roughly $180,000 in profits (they were bought at different prices, not all at $1.35). This is all revealed in what the SEC website calls an "insider transaction" document (link below).

These options won't expire until the years 2015 - 2019, and the higher the stock price of SIGA gets before then, the more profit can be realized when these options are cashed out. You can see the 2019 expiration date in this "insider transaction" form:

If the stock price of SIGA Technologies could be pumped up even more -- say, from someone hyping up vaccines in front of a national audience -- these options could mathematically be worth millions of dollars.

Dr. Oz. isn't merely a holder of SIGA stock options, by the way: He's on the Board of Directors! As SIGA's own website explains, Dr. Oz has served on the board since 2001 and continues his role there today. This brings up the obvious question:

Is it right for someone talking about whether vaccines are safe on television to also be carrying stock options and serving on the board of directors of a vaccine company at the same time?

Just to make things a little more interesting, SIGA Technologies recently received a $3 million grant in taxpayer dollars from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The purpose of the grant money? To fund the study of a chemical adjunct named ST-246 to be used in future vaccines. So taxpayer money is now being used to fund a vaccine technology company whose stock price increases will financially benefit the very celebrity doctor who is hyping up vaccines to a national audience.

Something sounds fishy here...

Conflict of interest?

To my knowledge, Dr. Oz. has never disclosed to his viewing audience the fact that he owns 150,000 option shares of SIGA Technologies. And yet, with an audience of millions, Dr. Oz has continued to beat the drum of the vaccine industry, urging people to get vaccinated while implying that vaccines protect people from swine flu (even though there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up that claim).

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  • At 11:51 AM, November 12, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This is a bogus article. SIGA doesn't make a vaccine. They are an R&D house working on anti-virals for weapons of biowarfare like smallpox, dengue, lassa fever, and a broadbased anti-viral that's probably years away from paydirt.
    Vaccines are administered pre- exposure to diseases like the flu. Anti-virals, like what SIGA is working on, are admiistered post exposure.

    So the whole premise of the article, that Dr. Oz is positioned to benefit form his stock options when SIGA's vaccines prove successful is moot. SIGA doesn't make vaccines. So Dr. Oz can't benefit monetarily from SIGA's vaccines.

    I wonder if the blog master will be as unethical as the original publisher of this article, and delete this post, so that only those posts that agree with their point of view and concealment of the facts are all that's seen by it's blog's readers.

  • At 12:05 PM, November 12, 2009 , Blogger Militant Libertarian said...

    Well, Mr. Anonymous, I will assume by your writing style that you are not the nice guy who sent me an email on this very subject.

    Unlike you, he backed up his information with links to real facts and didn't attempt to libel me as unethical.

    I won't delete your FACTUALLY CORRECT, BUT MISLEADING post. I have never deleted comments unless they were spam or abusive in nature. In fact, I allow anonymous a-holes like you to leave comments. Unlike most sites.

    Now back to the original question about SIGA: I have written a retraction with further information, which will publish this afternoon. I was going to come back here and post a forward-link to the new post, but since I had to type this to you, I'll call it good.

    And hey, thanks for being a dick. Lovely people like you make it all worth while. You prove to me that it's not possible to have normal discourse with most people because most aren't interested in talking, only in bullying and brow-beating. Let me know when you run for Congress. You'll fit right in.

  • At 12:28 PM, November 12, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Miltant, Unless you're natural news, or Mike Adams, I wasn't referring to you as unethical. You posted my comment, though it didn't agree with your pre-conceived point of view about Dr. Oz, or your error in understanding about what SIGA does.
    natural news deleted every message from myself and others that didn't support their claim. I found that to be cowardly and unethical. Though you live up to your militant persona in writing, you have shown yourself to be forthright in publishing comments that don't agree with your point of view. For that you have my respect.

  • At 9:12 PM, November 12, 2009 , Blogger Militant Libertarian said...

    The plot thickens:

    Pretty good proof that SIGA **MAKES VACCINES**

    Thanks you, Mr. Anonymous (SIGA Employee) for giving me props, but in the end, you are incorrect. Unless, of course, it's legal for SIGA to lie on SEC filings and lie to the Department of Defense so they can get contracts to make vaccines without any intention of making vaccines...

  • At 11:41 PM, November 12, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wrong again. SIGA does not make vaccines. They make anti-virals. A simple visit to their home page would expose the original writer as a liar, stubbornly holding onto his lie.

  • At 11:45 PM, November 12, 2009 , Blogger Militant Libertarian said...

    Ya, don't bother following the link, reading anything, or looking at the EVIDENCE. Just read their home page and call it good.

    Now I know why you're anonymous, Mr. "Anonymous" SIGA Employee/investor.

    Note: SEC filing says they fucking make vaccines. Contract with the military says they're making goddamned vaccines. They bought a defunct vaccine making sonofabitchin company.

    What evidence do you want? Dr. Oz fessing up? That's like asking for Bill Clinton to define sex.


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