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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Closer to the New Look for MLib

I spent some more time fiddling with the CSS, building a logo (is anyone a logo designer? Email me) and improving the layout.

Here's what the test site looks like now:

The four "Friends" sites will basically be the site blog roll, rotating the little button ads for like-minded liberty sites. If you're currently on the blog roll (on the left-hand bar <<), you'll be there if I can possibly figure out how to get a graphic for you. If you have one that's square (in any size above 125x125), I can size it to fit and throw it in. That's helpful (hint, hint).

I have a lot of ideas and decisions to make before D-Day. I'm hoping to gather some time this weekend and begin the big change. Aiming for a launch of December 1 at latest. This tweaking I've been doing now will do a lot to cut down on the down-time for the site as I put it together.

When I move the test site to its new host, it will go live nearly immediately, so if you're interested in watching the progress in real time, you can sit and reload the page repeatedly and do so. Maybe send me an email and we'll open up a Facebook or Skype chat so you can see me make up new words as I screw things up in the process.

Still looking for donations to make this a dollar-neutral operation. I figure the blog's been building since I got serious about it in 2004 and has been running with the same layout since Day 1 before that. I was able to import all 2,200+ posts from Blogger to the new system. I wish I still had the stuff from when this blog was just a website on my server back in the day. Ahh well. Nobody read it anyway. :)

Got comments? Email me, dammit!
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