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Friday, January 23, 2004

FW: Cash, Precious Metals Now a No-No in Safe Deposit Boxes Under Guise of "National Security" ...

The sons of bitches...


The US Financial Gestapo has finally moved against coin owners. A number of banks, Washington Mutual, Sterling Savings & Venture Bank have sent out changes of terms notices to all of their customers. As of 1/1/04, you won't be able to store cash, or gold and silver, in your safe deposit boxes.

This is being done under the guise of terrorism and national security. The new Intelligence Spending Bill (HB2417) that has just been passed provides that institutions reveal their
customer's private financials as well as general information, including tangible things.

Banks must now spy on you. They are not the only ones: reporting on you to the government are also stock brokers, credit-card companies, insurance companies, dealers in precious metals and stones or jewels, licensed senders of money, telegraph companies,
airplane and boat dealers, Realtors and estate closings and the US Post Office.

George Orwell must be having a good laugh. There wasn't even a debate on the Bill forcing Coin dealers to turn over records to the government upon request. And if you hoard your gold at home you are anti-American or some kind of terrorist sympathizer.

[My note: They have to know you have it before they can take it from you...]
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