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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Letters to the Editor Today

Our local newspapers had some pretty good letters to the editor printed today:

What a relief

In her May 25 column Molly Ivins suggested America may be showing early signs of -- and then she used the "F" word. I normally love Molly's insight, but I admit that shook me up a bit. So to ease my fears, I pulled out Webster.

FASCISM: (1) government identified by rigid one-party control with ruthless suppression of opposition. I thought of the Republican attack machine, its fear-hate ravings against all things Democrat or liberal, its black-white, no-middle-ground interpretations and its brutal defamation tactics. I became a little concerned so I read on: (2) characterized by racism, militarism, and belligerent nationalism. I thought of the bigotry behind the Republican southern voting bloc. I remembered the bellicose neocons, and I knew that I would not be able to afford my auto insurance rates if I placed an "IMPEACH BUSH" bumper sticker on my new car and left it in a mall parking lot. Now I was really becoming anxious, but still I read on: (3) with corporate enterprise under centralized government control.

Ahh, saved!! Missed that one a mile. Clearly we are just the opposite. We have become a centralized government under the daunting control of corporate big money. So, no need to worry, America. That, in and of itself, makes us not fascist. Of course, it also makes us not a republic.

L. Wayne Williams

While Wayne is sort of right, he's obviously "left-trained" in his thinking. He should start his own business and see if government is "controlled by corporation" or if it's the other way around...

Conservative frustration,1249,595065914,00.html

I feel some frustration at many so-called "conservatives" who define patriotism and political conservatism by a pro-war attitude, prominently characterized by radio talk-show hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and some local hosts as well. According to their world view, if I object to the decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, I must be a liberal, a Democrat or both. In either case, I'm looked upon as unpatriotic and even anti-American.

Is it possible to be conservative and still disagree with the current administration in Washington? Not only is it possible, but I believe that a true conservative would not believe otherwise. Neo-conservatives have been successful in hijacking the conservative movement and reshaping it in their own image of world conquest. I urge thoughtful conservatives to step back from the flames being fanned by neo-conservative "patriots" and return to the founding principles of this nation.

Steven E. Yorgason

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