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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Supreme Court Vacancy Hubub

As I sit here tonight listening to fools outside attempting to not light themselves on fire with their fireworks, I consider the numerous emails I'm receiving regarding the "Big Fight For the Supreme Court" now that Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has retired.

To read these emails (from both "right" and "left" - I'm a libertarian, so I get to hang out in both political camps), you'd think that the entire future of our country rested totally on who is picked for that seat.

The right claims that no less than 70 "leftist, liberal groups" have banded together already in a huge push to get their point across.

The left claims that President Bush is sure to nominate some religious zealot and that he must be stopped.

Problem is...neither side knows who the nominee will be.

Here's the real message behind the missives and dire threats to our future:

"Forget about the War in Iraq that's killing thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Forget about the Supreme Court deciding that you don't actually own any private land. Forget about the loss of liberty, the failure of We the People to keep tyranny at bay, the threat of our economy falling apart at any moment, the idea that The United States of America is actually the least free of all free nations..."

They want you to forget all of that. They'll attempt to distract your attention with lots of bogus threats and straw-man attempts at fighting for "freedom."

In the end, right or left, what they really want is you as their slave... a slave to their fake dollar, their bullshit ideals, their slanderous re-defining of "freedom" and "liberty" and even "democracy."

In the end, they want you to forget your true yearning for real freedom, real liberty... the yearning that calls from your blood, your bones, and every sinew. Ignoring that call is like ignoring that your eyes are blue, that your hair is red, that you have ten toes... What they're really trying to do is speed up evolution and remove the call for freedom that comes from your very DNA.

Don't ignore your blood. Stand up and let it boil! Stand up and take what is yours by right! Take your freedom back!

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