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Monday, August 29, 2005

2,000 Protestors Gather Against Bush in Utah

The following is from the latest issue of The Utah Freedom Activist Newsletter:

2,000 Protestors Gather Against Bush in Utah
by The Militant Libertarian
   While you might expect this headline to be about something other than the President’s visit (ha, ha), you probably wouldn’t expect that 2,000 irate Utahns would gather at the last minute to protest G.W.’s arrival in this most Republican of states.
   Well, you’d be wrong.
   Many protestors, including Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, were on hand to protest the War in Iraq and G.W. himself.
   Of course, the Presidential Motorcade never got any-where near these protestors, since their presence might make the Prez feel uneasy… after all, Utah was one of his “shoe-in” states. Everyone here votes Republican automatically. Right?
   Anyway, the photo here is courtesy of the World Wide Web ( specifically).
   Who knows? Maybe G Dubya has time to surf the ‘Net and see this sort of thing…
   I doubt he’ll care. His little agenda isn’t going to change just because a few of us “misguided riff-raff” don’t like it.
   Speaking of misguided… there are rumors that the military is skewing the numbers for dead soldiers in Iraq.
   The website is claiming that the Pentagon has been purposefully mis-counting the number of dead soldiers by not including those who die en-route or in Germany after being wounded in Iraq and sent there for treatment.
   For more information on this and to help make an accurate count of the dead, visit TBRNews’ site—specifically the page regarding this issue:
   Meanwhile, our military personnel continue to die, our freedoms continue to be eroded, and our government continues to lie to us about all of this.
   No one is held accountable for any of this and the New World Order continues to march forward with the Zionists at the helm and the rest of us being dragged along, whether we like it or not.
   Soon, there will no longer be an “America”—only “The Americas.”
   Soon, there will no longer be “freedom”—only an empty word in the dictionary.
   Soon, there will no longer be a “Republic”—only the odd place-names associated with once-independent states.
   Unless, of course, we stand up and fight back. Gathering to protest is a good beginning…but only a start.
   Now we have to really do something…

The time has come to take America back.

Not with words, but with actions.

Grab your freedom and use it!

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