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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

1300 cars burned in one night!

The following was sent to me by my friend Dale Williams, who is a radio talk show host. I have posted it here with permission.

Okay. Anybody who can't manage to see the N.W.O., plain as day, through the lens of this incident in France, and the attendant mass media coverage (not), might be uneducable.

N.W.O. operatives (I'll be nice and not call them by their real names), who had infiltrated the political systems of the European countries and the U.S. prior to WWII, began to push "reform" of immigration policy in those countries after the conclusion of the war. For the U.S., this meant a virtual sealing-off of legal immigration from the Northern European countries. What a coincidence.

By 1958, these "reformers" had hit pay dirt in Europe. The flood gates of African immigration were opened. The deracination and de-identific-ation of the hated, inherently nationalistic, White european nations had begun. Down with the last vestiges of the old order, up with the N.W.O.

By 1965 the same crew had accomplished the same results in the U.S. And those results, while being hewn more by a Mestizo (not African) axe, were just as inevitable: the disappearance of humane, civil, advancing, cohesive America as we knew it. Balkanization in the beginning. Likely race war in the final stages.

Now, in France, where things have been brewing longer than in the U.S., open fighting has broken out. At first the unified, one-owner, Western Press tried to ignore the situation. They did'nt even start reporting the mayhem in France until the nightly burned-car-count was up around 200!

And when they were finally forced, by the sheer scale of this thing, to start normal reporting on it, how did they frame the issue? As a MUSLIM JIHAD!

Funny. I don't seem to remember seeing one Turk or North African Mus-lim burning cars in the news photos I've viewed. Every photo features sub-Saharan Blacks as the perpetrators. Duh. I wonder if race, as opposed to religion, might have something to do with the frictions over there?

But to report such an obvious fact would be to undermine the concept of the *multi-racial* society -- a, perhaps THE, keystone tenet of the N.W.O.'s stratagem for erasing the nation-states of the earth.

So, why not blame Islam? You kill two birds with one stone that way. One, you further incite the West against the one, great stumbling block to the ascendancy of the Godless One World Government: Islam. Thus, you hasten the day when our armies (the West, i.e. the White Man) will be used to destroy Islam.

And two, you perpetuate the myth that the burning of cities and the bars-on-the-windows existence of many urban-dwelling Western peoples has nothing to do with nature (inherent racial antagonism) and every-thing to do with unequal opportunity (nasty Western capitalism, crypto-slavery, etc.).

I've got to hand it to these people. Trying to fool us can't be much of a challenge anymore. -D.W.

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