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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The War On Free Speech

The War on Free Speech continues. Two people, one Canadian, one European, have been jailed now for nothing more than saying something that is considered "wrong" or "unpopular" - in both cases for questioning the Jewish Holocaust of World War II.

Even as journalists worldwide denounce the anger of Muslims for rioting over a political cartoon depicting Mohammed and even as those same journalists claim free speech rights to do this, other news men and historians are being persecuted and prosecuted for exercising the same right.

The latest is Edgar J. Steele, and Idaho attorney and First Amendment activist, who has been ordered to "cease and desist" by his web hosting provider due to complaints about the contents of his clearly Free Speech oriented website.

Go to for more on that.

Sorry, folks, Freedom of Speech does not apply to only those things that you find acceptable. It applies to everything. Because what you find acceptable may not be what I find acceptable and that guy over there might have a completely different definition of acceptable too.

Take the good with the bad, that's what freedom is all about!

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