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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Greatest Band of All Time

OK, this is off the usual political subject of this blog, but I've been listening to the latest from Tool, which is one of my favorite bands. Their album 10,000 Days was released on April 2nd and I pre-ordered my copy.

This band has progressed from a better-than-average rock/metal band (ala their first album, Opiate) to being the most progressive, thoughtful, and deepest band (both musically and lyrically) of all time. I don't exaggerate here.

I highly recommend that anyone who likes rock music of any kind try out a Tool album (any album will do, this latest being one of the best) for themselves and see what they're missing. Most of their music takes six or ten listenings to really begin to understand, usually captivating you with its intricacy in the first couple of listens and progressing towards awe at their artistry by the time you've heard it half a dozen times. No one with a functioning brain can ignore their genius.

So, there you have it. I am a big fan of heavy metal, hard rock, and intelligent (lyrical) music and rank Tool as the best of the best. Their fan-base speaks for itself, drawing from lovers of Indy Rock, Heavy Metal, Soft Metal/Hard Rock, Popular Rock, Stoner Rock, and more.

Truly a great band. In fifty years, they will still have hard-core fans!

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