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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iran's "Nuclear Threat"

by Michael Rivero

Iran does not have nuclear weapons. Nobody is trying to claim that they do.

What Iran has is a nuclear power plant and the facilities to make fuel rods
for that nuclear power plant. The IAEA has been inspecting all aspects of
the Iranian facilities and has closed-circuit TV cameras watching them at
all times.

More importantly, Iran has a legal right to nuclear power plants and the
systems to make fuel rods for them under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty which the United States and Iran have both signed. In seeking to deny
Iran the right to nuclear power generation, it is the United States which is
violating a key treaty.

But let us suppose for a moment that Iran has a nuclear weapon. They still
would not be a threat to the United States because the United States still
maintains the largest nuclear force in the world. Just one Ohio class
submarine could destroy every key city in Iran. Iran knows this.

So, Iran is not a danger to the United States. Not unless the US Government
wants to admit is wasted all those trillions of dollars building a nuclear
deterrent which isn't a deterrent.

So, as was the case in Iraq, Bush is invading Iran supposedly because of a
non-existent threat.

Of course, we all know the real reason Iran is being invaded; because Israel
has ordered it based on the "Securing the Realm" document written by key
Bush advisers not for the US, but for Israel.

Our kids are being killed and crippled, our wallets are being emptied, our
infrastructure being allowed to decay, all in service to a foreign
government that openly bribes our politicians and screams "anti-Semite" at
those who dare point to the bribery as contrary to American needs and

Please think about this in the months between now and the 2008 elections.

America needs leaders who place America first, second, and third.

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