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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Falsified Casualty Lists From Iraq

Brian Harring who writes the Domestic Intelligence Reporter has been engaged
in a blockbuster piece of investigative reporting. He has long suspected
that the majority of US military deaths are not reported to the public. The
parents are notified, but the public is not. This is the reason why coffins
are shipped back to the US in private and no photographs are allowed, lest
anyone start counting the dead.

'Once it became evident that what had been expected to be a short,
successful military campaign against Saddam Hussein had turned into a long
drawn out and escalating guerilla war, the Department of Defense, acting on
orders from the White House, began to reduce the daily public casualty list
(just like Vietnam). Families and survivors of the dead were duly notified
and the bodies were shipped back to the States for private burial but the
numbers of the dead, and the wounded, were deliberately kept as low as
possible for political reasons. For internal use only, a realistic, and
accurate, monthly report was issued for those concerned but it was not made
public. When this private report was located by outside sources and sent
around the Internet, the site was immediately shut down.

"This original listing showed that as of mid-2005, the death count in both
Iraq and Afghanistan topped 10,000 with 20,000 seriously wounded. By 2007,
the death toll has risen to over 15,000 (and rising daily) with officially
reported serious woundings (required out of theater hospitalization) at
50,508 as per a report published in the New York Times of January 30, 2007.
Also not discussed are the over 10,000 desertions (from March, 2003 to date)
Note: you may write Mr. Harring at for a full copy of
the original documents. This list is free of charge. As of May 22, 2007, Mr.
Harring has sent out 25, 683 lists.

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