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Monday, July 30, 2007

George W. Bush, Purveyor of Infanticide

by Aaron Turpen,

Most conservatives are against abortion, including our current President George W. Bush. This is a rarely disputed fact. However, with the emergence of the so-called “neo-cons” or “neo-conservatives” (“neo” meaning “new”), the way this is viewed is very different.

Most right-thinking people are against the killing of babies. Infanticide is not the same as abortion, since it refers specifically to babies which have already been born, whereas abortion refers to babies still in the womb. (See In fact, most would argue that the killing of babies already born is one of the most heartless crimes imaginable, since it requires a malice and absence of conscience beyond anything conceivable to the normal person.

Many historians are now arguing that the neo-con movement began well before the current administration's rise to power and probably before even the Clintons took office. George Bush, Sr. is seen as the beginnings of this movement, though many argue it began much, much earlier. Regardless of when it began, it has been in full swing for several years. One of its defining hallmarks is an unrelenting push for and unfailing support of the Wars in Iraq.

The current war is ongoing and seemingly without end. The Gulf War, where it all began, was the actual beginning of the current conflict, with the intervening ten years being used to oppress through embargo and bombings. The resulting chaos and mass deaths are rivaling anything seen in recent times, including the upheavals and genocides of Darfur, Africa.

What is not well-publicized about the Iraq War is one of the natural by-products of warfare: an increase in infant mortality rates. These are babies born alive who then die within their first year of life, usually as a result of environmental causes (warfare, famine, disease, etc.).

Here's a startling statistic you don't hear often: the current infant mortality rate in Iraq is 1 in 10, more than double that of pre-war Iraq under Saddam Hussein!

That's right. Since the Bushes have taken over in Iraq, the infant mortality rate has more than doubled!

Here's the hard numbers, so that you can put this into context. In 1960, the infant mortality rate in Iraq was 117 per 1,000 (or 11.7%). In 1990 (before the first Iraq War), that rate had fallen to 40 in 1,000 (or 4%). In 1995-2005, the rate rose to 100 per 1,000 (or 10%). In other words, during the entire period of the Wars in Iraq, the infant mortality rate more than doubled from 4% to 10%! “Where We Stand” by Seymour Garte, Ph.D., Amacom, 2007.

Who is responsible for the War in Iraq? The neo-cons, lead by George W. Bush. Therefore, who is responsible for the more than doubling of infant mortality rates during this War? The neo-cons, lead by George W. Bush. Who is, therefore, in favor of infanticide – the murdering of babies? The neo-cons, lead by George W. Bush.

The crimes of the neo-conservatives and their ilk continue to mount. Pressed forward by their lusts for power and their unfailing support of anti-American, Zionistic ideals, these people continue to rape, pillage, and murder throughout the world in the name of the United States of America. At the very top of their lists of crimes, I ad the crime of baby murdering: infanticide.

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