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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cop Verbally Abuses, Threatens False Charges, etc. On Video!

Watch this asshole cop start verbally abusing, threatening, and otherwise treating this kid like a common criminal just for asking why he was being questioned/detained. First, the cop demands ID (giving no reason) and then he forces the kid from the car and begins his rant...

Next, the local news does coverage of the event...

Welcome to Amerika, folks, where the cops can treat you like this and generally get away with it. This guy got caught on a fluke, because this kid has had it happen before and mounted a camera in his car. All of us should do this.

When I was younger, I was harassed by local cops when a friend and I set up a camera at an intersection in the middle of the night (hiding in bushes) and filmed cops using their lights to run red lights instead of waiting for them. We also caught them speding and driving their cars like they were in NASCAR tryouts (revving the motors, squealing tires, etc.). They caught us one night and took our equipment before we could send in the tapes to the police chief.

This video and the cops' actions in it are becoming the rule, not the exception. Since all of us are suspects until proven otherwise (instead of the other way around) and since cops are now law enFORCEment officers instead of peace keepers, and since they are becoming increasingly militarized in their training (meaning deadened to humanity), it's only going to get worse...

Addendum: My friend John at sent me this video:

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