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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sabotage of Dr. Paul and Our Last Chance

The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign has been and continues to be sabotaged. This attack on his bid for President is being done by the very people who purport to support him. Of course, this makes the neo-cons he's fighting a losing battle with very happy.

So who are these saboteurs who are sinking the Ron Paul for President boat?

Some of you no doubt think I'm going to talk about some of Dr. Paul's campaign staff, or maybe a wayward accountant or even moles planted in the campaign from the beginning to ensure its demise.


I'm talking about those who claim to be libertarians, those who claim to have been Paul supporters until he didn't do what they wanted him to do, and those who continually send out emails and post to websites/blogs about how shoddily the campaign is being run (in their opinion).

Most of these people, I'm sure, don't see themselves as saboteurs or even as being wrong for what they're doing. Many of them probably think they're martyrs, or truth-seekers, or whatever. All of them, I believe, are misguided pains in the keister that have plagued the libertarian movement since the get-go.

These people are what I like to call “Libertarian Fascists.” Why? Because they're the people who believe that they're “more libertarian” or “more pure minded in libertarian ideals” or “better libertarians” or... you get the point. They're not only holier-than-thou, but they can't understand why it is that everyone else doesn't believe that their pure libertarian thought is the end-all, be-all of libertarianism. They've failed to understand the most basic of libertarian principles...


No, I don't mean some happy little PC crap about Caucasions and African-Americans and Hispanics and whatever all living together in happy harmony. I mean diversity of thought. You see, there is more than one way to skin a rabbit, more than one way to build a house, and more than one way to think libertarian thought. “My way or the highway” is about as un-libertarian as you can get, I think.

Some of these naysayers for the Paul campaign are even libertarians running for office themselves. One that I recently read espoused how he couldn't understand how the campaign could take in over $30 million dollars and not have run any significant amount of television advertising... Probably because TV ads don't get you delegates during the primaries, moron! Sure, Paul isn't “getting the libertarian message out there” like YOU think he should be, but that's probably because Dr. Paul is running for President, not running for Libertarian-of-the-Year. His campaign is a grassroots, ground-level fight, not a prima-donna television sound byte with makeup and fake scenery.

A couple of YouTubers complained about how since Ron Paul doesn't get media attention and is only known online he's not a real candidate and so he doesn't have a chance. The fundamental question being “why are you still supporting this guy?” What they're missing are county and state conventions where the GOP elitists are scared stiff and having to resort to all kinds of underhanded tactics to try to stop the Ron Paul Delegate Machine from taking over their conventions (and their dreams of handing everything over to McCain, their neo-con-golden boy). Witness the Nevada state convention where a reported 7 of 9 delegates went to Ron Paul before the state GOP chair (and a few others) staged a quick wrap-up and walkout to close the convention down before it could go entirely to Paul...

I've read countless websites and blogs bemoaning how the Ron Paul campaign is doing little to help other campaigns of similar bent (usually Libertarian Party or Constitution Party candidates). As if that's somehow also his responsibility, despite everything else he's got to do to fight the neo-con warmongers. Were I running for office right now, I'd ask nothing more from Dr. Paul than a possible endorsement and photo op the next time he's in town. I wouldn't expect him to give me voter data or send someone around to advise me on how I can coordinate with his efforts or whatever else. He's got his campaign and I'd have mine.

So here's what I say, as a true libertarian... Shut the hell up, you naysayers and saboteurs! It's Ron Paul's campaign, let him run it as he sees fit and stop getting in the way.

Not that you have to listen to me, I won't force you to do anything. At least consider it, though. OK?

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