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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Is Putting Obama in the White House UnConstitutional?

The We the People Foundation has been working for several months on the question of Obama's legitimacy to be President based on the U.S. Constitution's "Natural Born Citizen" clause. This clause requires that a President be a citizen of the United States of America who was born in this country.

The attorney's contention is that President-elect Obama has failed to adequately prove his citizenship and that his failure to appear in several court cases regarding that fact shows that he is unable to do so. Obama's campaign posted a birth cirtificate from Hawaii, but several questions arose as to its legitimacy on several counts. No response has been given there either.

So We the People posted an open letter, paid for as advertising, in the New York Times. That open letter has caused this controversy to become national news, rather than just the suppressed news relegated to the "radical minority" they've pushed it off on up til now.

The Wall Street Journal has covered the story (click link) and others have followed.

A press conference next week, along with a certified, overnight letter that was due to arrive today (Saturday) to Obama to invite him or his representative there, will hopefully air this out and put it in the news before the American public. That's the hope of the We the People Foundation, anyway.

I think it's likely they'll get poo-pooed and blown off in the public as a bunch of yahoos from Tennessee who're using this as a thin cover for their KKK plans. The racial angle, which has little to do with this issue, will be played up as a way of getting most Americans to ignore the issue as another race war. The editor of the Chicago Sun Tribune has already started this tact.

So I guess we'll find out next week when this press conference is held and the main stream media is forced to air the issue, no doubt utilizing whatever slant they can come up with to marginalize it.

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