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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ADL Keeps Showing True Colors

The Anti-Defamation League (aka "the Israeli or ELSE" lobby) has announced a new list of anti-semitic "extremists" that you should watch out for. Who are they?

None other than... ya, you guessed it, those evil Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Presidential candidate 2004) and anti-IRS tax protesters Joe Banister and Tommy Cryer. Among others, of course.

The whole list is based on the upcoming "Three Pillars of Tyranny" conference to be held in Pensacola, Florida later this month.

The event is listed alongside other events in Florida, the others being "racist, right-wing, white supremacist" gatherings. This even is listed as a: "Right-wing extremist conference focusing on government conspiracies. Among invited speakers are Joe Banister, Tommy Cryer, Pat Shannan, Dave Von Kleist, Jack McLamb, Greg Dixon, Ted Gunderson, and Michael Badnarik."

So what's the real motive of the ADL? To target racists, or to target everyone who isn't complicit with the governmental authority of

I think I can tell. How about you?

Read more about it at

Guess I'll have to keep an eye on their site, since I'm sure to be listed next since I didn't cow-tow to their final word on who's "racist" and "anti-semitic" and who's not. Plus I made the mistake of saying "Israel" in a "bad" way on my site, that might also make me "anti-semitic." For anyone who hasn't already seen through this race-baiting b.s. that groups like the ADL pull, I pity your shallow minds.

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